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The spoils of entrepreneurship intrigued Matthew Fleeger, prompting this budding businessman to explore the entrepreneurial unknown. Before embarking on these exploits, Fleeger knew that a college education was required. While attending the Southern Methodist University, Fleeger gained sufficient knowledge on marketing and finance. After four years in college, Fleeger was primed for the business world. In 1986, Fleeger took his first job in his desired industry, oil and gas. With his father being the owner of a successful oil and gas company, this industry appealed to Fleeger.

For the next seven years, Fleeger relied on his sheer brilliance and ambition to fuel his efforts. During this time, Fleeger was committed to honing his skills in the hopes of earning executive positions early on. Being the tenacious man he is, Fleeger did just that. While Fleeger was hopping from job to job, the information he gleaned proved invaluable. Perhaps his most exciting undertaking was when Fleeger assumed a role at his family’s company, Gulf Coast Western. Remaining at the company was always an option for Fleeger, but his entrepreneurial senses were tingling far too strong to not pursue endeavors of his own.

In 1993, Fleeger brought his own enterprise to fruition. MedSolutions, a company responsible for the handlings of medical waste, was what Fleeger conceived. Following its inception, MedSolutions took the industry by storm, proving the efficacy of its services along with Fleeger’s business acumen. For 14 years, Fleeger relished his time at the helm, but in 2007, he sold the company to Stericycle for $59 million. After proving his merit in seemingly every facet of business, Fleeger was happy to part ways with his enterprise and return to Gulf Coast Western. These days, Fleeger is the CEO of Gulf Coast Western and has a vested interest in the tanning industry as well.

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