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Papa John’s, currently one of the three most successful pizza delivery companies in the world, is also highly interested in knowing what customers think about their services and how to improve.

Papa John’s, currently led by the Chief Executive Officer of the company Steve Ritchie, has embarked on a listening tour to know more about the overall opinions from customers, franchisees, forums, and learn more about what the company could be doing to serve better.

The CEO and President Steve Ritchie was very excited for the listening tour. “Papa John’s is all ears” is the general motto. Any customer who might have anything to say about the service or about any flavor for that matter can contact the brand and give their criticism.

In local communities, many restaurant owners and managers had the pleasure of being contacted by the administrative group of Papa John’s and by Steve Ritchie, who is leading the listening tour and talking to store owners about their businesses and how the headquarters can improve the overall quality of their services.

Steve Ritchie genuinely cares about the well-being of the members of the Papa John’s team. He wants the brand to do better. Ritchie, more than anyone else in the company, began very small before he became a franchise owner. Information about Papa John’s new commercial is available here.

In 1996, Steve Ritchie joined a Papa John’s restaurant as a simple representative of the customer service. Then, after a couple of months, he became a pizza delivery driver. He would hold this position until 2006 when he accumulated enough capital to create his own Papa John’s franchise as a restaurant owner that knew the ins and outs of the business very well. Steve continued working with the headquarters and the managers of the brand, awarding him enough influence with the owners of the brand to receive the spot as a director of operations. It wouldn’t take long for Steve Ritchie Papa John’s to become the Chief Operating Officer of Papa John’s in 2014 and President of the company in 2015.

If you have anything to say to Papa John’s or something to suggest, this is the time to talk to one of the most interested and genuine CEOs of the industry.

Read this: https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/nation-now/2018/08/24/papa-johns-bias-diversity-training/1085908002/

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