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Unique, prodigious, and creative man, Shiraz Boghani is the leader delegated for Splendid Hospitality Group in the United Kingdom. He is a businessman and accountant who won the prize in the year 2016 as a Hotelier of the Year by the Asia Business Award. Shiraz Boghani is a veteran and competent in matters dealing with hotels in addition to owning and managing 19 hotels of trading in the United Kingdom. Boghani has spent numerous years in the hospitality sector, hence the big experience. The passion of working in hotels is deep inside the man whereby the qualification of Chartered Accountant is given to him, and the proof he is considered as a progressive businessman. Find out more about Shiraz Boghani at Behance

Previously, he promulgated a beneficial project for the Bankside Hilton in London. He is a philanthropist and gives a lot of donations to a registered charity group in the United Kingdom, Foundation of Aga Khan, and the worldwide network Development. Shiraz Boghani has diversified his goal and centeredness as a hotelier and initiated Sussex Hospital which cares greatly for the elderly in addition to treating different individuals with learning or physical disabilities. The Sussex Hospital has been recognized internationally from its achievements and dedication of caring for the needy. Also, the facility is reliable and very committed to offering care to patients who are suffering from mental disorders.

Sussex Hospital extends its services to more than twenty various regions in the area of Sussex. The task of various centers is to provide services to the elderly and those challenged physically and mentally. Under the leadership of Shiraz, the facility has gone the extra mile by starting gym centers which are of great benefit to those seeking physical fitness. Every employee who is hired in Sussex Hospital is trained highly in a professional manner to provide satisfactory services to the patients.

Shiraz Boghani has desirable qualities of an effective leader who encourages collaboration, solidarity, and cultural competence at the workplace. He emphasizes a lot on client satisfaction and hates with passion whenever individuals complain due to poor services. Besides, he is a benevolent individual who has dedicated greatly to offer charity to the suffering and looked forward to bring transformation to the hotel industry in the UK.

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