When the subject of bundled payment comes to play, the name Deirdre Baggot becomes very synonymous. Ms. Baggot is a renowned expert in the formulation of payments in the healthcare industry. Having been a hospital executive and also a clinician, she has been in the forefront of working on bundled payments. As such, she is a lead consultant in matters payment innovation and bundled payments procedures. In the last couple of years, she has been able to generate over $5 million dollars annually as payments for her services. View Deirdre Baggot’s profile on Linkedin

In collaboration with new companies, Deirdre Baggot has been able to bring the most innovative payments methods and packages for over 200 hospitals and healthcare institutions in the world. Most of her projects have however been based in different states in the United States. Her results have been termed the best and most innovative in cost reduction. Her solutions have been described by many of her customers as game changers. Amongst her most notable projects include the Medicaid bundled payment system. This project catapulted her to a very high point in her career.

Considering that Ms. Deirdre Baggot is one respected voice in the world of bundled payments, she has been invited a number of times to advise the Congress on the efficiency of bundled payments. She was also appointed as an expert reviewer under the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for the Bundled Payments for Care Initiative. She has also been a lead counsel for the Acute Care Episode (ACE) Bundled Payment Demonstration.

Ms. Baggot spent about six years as a Senior Vice President at the Camden group. Before then, she has been working in the academic healthcare at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Deirdre has also done over 20 journals and academic papers about her research in bundled payments. Her success in this field is largely unmatched.

More about of Deirdre Baggot: https://www.beckershospitalreview.com/health-it-revenue-cycle-conference/speakers/item/1525-deirdre-baggott-phd.html


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The Aloha Construction firm is a contracting and Construction Company owned and operated by a family. It was established in the year 2008. Since its establishment, the firm has grown from a small organization into the leading and general contractor. The company has completed more than 20,000 construction projects, and it is committed to serving all of the Southern Wisconsin and Illinois areas.


The Aloha Construction Company is the leading family-owned contractor of choice in the region since it provides a wide range of services which include window replacement, roofing repair, stucco installation, and kitchen design. It also offers Bathroom repair, flashing masonry, fire and smoke restoration, carpet cleaning, and gutter services. The firm is fully bonded, insured, licensed and it provides a craftsmanship warranty of approximately ten years.



Aloha Construction company’s achievements and accomplishments


The firm has a number of membership, accomplishments and industry certifications such as the Building Trades Association, Chicago Roofing, and Contractors Association and the National Roofing Contractors Association. The company recently received the Better Business Bureau Torch Award of the year 2017 in marketplace ethics. The award recognizes firms that can conduct themselves in an amazing and unique ethical manner. In addition to being given the Better Business Bureau.


Aloha Construction’s Recent Awards


The Company recently won the Better Business Bureau Award of 2017. The award was for the Marketplace Ethics. The BBB Torch Award is always given to the firms that exemplify exceptional ethics services in their daily operations throughout the entire year. The reward is given to organizations that practice exemplary ethics throughout the year.


According to the report of the panel judges, the firm was selected as the best based among others based on various factors including its contributions to the community. The organization’s dedication, commitment, love and drive for the local community is what made it the best out of other local firms.

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Hussain Sajwani is a man who is doing anything possible to change the real estate department in the Asian world. The businessman has founded one of the most luxurious real estate companies in the entire world, known to many as DAMAC Properties. This institution has managed to capture the attention of millions of customers who are interested in purchasing or selling their properties. The DAMAC owner has motivated many people and proved that real estate could remain profitable, regardless of the many activities that keep changing on the global platform. Hussain Sajwani serves as the president of his company, and he has been tasked with the responsibility of making most of the vital decisions in his company. The DAMAC owner has challenged most of the real estate giants that have been in the market for decades,

In a recent interview, the Asian investor spoke about his special interest in China. As one of the richest Arabs in the entire world, people want to know the next move the DAMAC owner is about to make so that they can move in his direction. The real estate investor says that he has been getting interested in the economic growth that has been taking place in Asia and China, and he wants to be part of it. DAMAC Properties has already been operational in China for several years, and he is excited to increase this presence so that many consumers in the world can have a chance to live in luxurious properties. The middle class in China has been growing each passing day, and this means that there are more opportunities for the real estate company. There are more investors in this region, and it is so easy to capture their attention and at the end of the day make a significant impact on their lives.

Hussain Sajwani believes that diversity is one of the things that have made DAMAC Properties successful over the years. Diversity, according to him, means that there are different ideas, perspectives, and views to look into when business decisions are being made. This ingredient has ensured that his organization remains on top all the time.

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