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Investors are always looking for a way to make money rather than loose money. Brad Reifler, CEO and founder of Forefront Capital suggest five ways to be safe while investing.

*Always consider the pros and cons of each investment. Be careful and plan how you
want your money to work for you.

*Always be cautious with your money. You work hard to make it.

*Never invest all you money in the stock market.

*Choose an investor with experience and one that is knowledgeable of the market.

*Know the importance of investing. Be goal oriented. Start small and then build it
up if it is working.

The world of investment is controlled by the wealthy. There is a large portion of the population that invests in small amounts. This 1% make up almost 99% of the United States population. Diversifying is important to the success of investing. Usually diversification was for investors with wealth. Reifler says he is changing his mind set and his firm will follow suit. CrunchBase shows Reifler has changed directions due to several past investment issues that resulted in poor returns, leaving him with a bad taste in his mouth. He found that 99% of investors are very limited in how and what they can invest in.

Most of the investment guidelines sanctioned by the Security and Exchange Commission leave out small investors. These standards could only be met by the very wealthy. Standards stated that you must have a net worth of one million dollars to qualify. These old regulations were put in place to protect investors and shareholders from risky investments. But the market has evolved and people are more knowledgeable about investing.

Reifler and his company have adapted strategies to help eliminate fear for investors. He wants his clients to feel empowered and have a greater depth of knowledge when it comes to investing.  Brad’s official website has further information.

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According to former professional lacrosse player and environmental activist Jon Urbana, growing up at Villanova and living in the beautiful city of Denver, Colorado has helped him appreciate the natural beauty of nature. Growing up this foliage-filled state, he also understood the importance of preserving and protecting the environment.

Today, Jon Urbana still holds true to his beliefs. He runs a lacrosse camp in Colorado each summer (visit here) and is constantly inspired by the environmental awareness and enthusiasm shown by the teens that attend his camp. Because of this, Urbana has launched a campaign through the charity donation site, GoFundMe. He dedicated this campaign to Earth Force, and has set his goal of $1,750. All proceeds will go towards programs which educate young people about the importance of keeping the environment clean and cared for. These programs will also actively involve youth in activism and events which pertain to cleaning up the environment. By doing this, Earth Force will teach teens about why it is important to help preserve the environment for a clean and healthy future.

Urbana said to his Twitter followers that he was lucky to have grown up in the beautiful state of Colorado, where he is aware of nature’s beauty and the importance of preserving the planet’s health. He is moved and inspired by the environmentally aware youth at his lacrosse camp. To help further their ambitions and their mutual fondness for mother nature, he will rely partially on donations to help keep the three programming components throughout 52 cities going. Denver is just one city of the many throughout the United States and Canada that participates in his organization.

To learn more or make donations to Jon Urbana’s GoFundMe campaign, you can visit the following link at:

Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian native with vast experience in the financial sector. Having made a mark as one of Brazil’s most prominent bankers, Igor is a man whose advice in finance you cannot afford to ignore. He has been quite successful, making worthy investments over time to earn him a fortune. One of his successes includes Bainbridge Investment Inc. He is the proprietor of the Bahamas-based company.

Although investing is one of the surest ways of getting rich, it is not a walk in the park. According to Igor, many people have lost fortunes because of wrong investment choices. However, one can amass a great fortune through investments if one follows the right approach. One thing people need to acknowledge and learn from successful investors like Igor is the fact that investments are long-term ventures. This is the case, especially if one is considering entering the stock market.

So, how exactly did this man get to where he is? Mr. Cornelsen had a successful banking career from which he gained vast experience. In his career, he managed some of the world’s biggest banking institutions, which offered him the chance to pick the best practices in the finance field. This experience has put him in a position where he can decipher the key tricks applicable for successful investing.

One of the key investment tips Igor openly offers to those who care to listen is the need for diversification. He advises against making a huge investment in a single company whose future success is not assured. He gives an example of his portfolio. Cornelsen intimates that his financial portfolio built over years of facebook research and well thought out purchases involves shares from various companies. He says the reason for this is to guarantee some form of security on your investment. He says while it is possible for a single company to collapse leading to investors losing their money, it is virtually impossible for all companies to record losses over the same period. Therefore, when one company makes losses, several others in his portfolio are making profits.

Successful investment does not involve a copy paste situation. It needs research and careful selection of the options to invest in. One of the factors to be considered according to Igor includes the company’s past. If the company has a history of success over the years, chances are your money will bear more fruits as opposed to a company that has been recording losses. Another factor to consider is the company’s host nation. What is the economic situation in that country? A country’s economy is bound to affect the companies in that particular country.
Igor Cornelsen advises new investors to put their money in upcoming and robust economies like Brazil where they can reap maximum gains. He also warns that investment is not a get rich quick scheme.

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As the world leaders mainly from the United States and the European Union keep making plans on how to deal with the notorious Islamic State they should be very careful with President Vladimir Putin of Russia. George Soros that this world leaders are making a grave mistake by thinking that President Putin is on their side in this war. It is very evident that Putin is more after his ambitions, which is the disintegration of the European Union. The was Putin plans to achieve this it seems is by flooding the European Union with Syrian refugees running away from their war tone country.
To support this claim, Forbes billionaire George Soros says that Russian planes have been carrying out attacks on civilians in Syria forcing them to fled to Jordan and Lebanon. So far, through its backdoor strategies, Russia has managed to displace over 20,000 Syrian refugees to the Jordan border while the other is waiting to enter Lebanon. Both groups are growing. A large-scale air attack has been launched by Russia against Northern Syria civilians. These attacks have caused over 70,000 civilians to seek refuge in Turkey . The European Union leaders should carefully handle Putin as he is a gifted tactician and can be very cunning. Despite this, Putin is not a good strategic thinker, and all the accusing fingers point to him.

George Soros can not understand why the leaders of both the US and the European Union cannot realize that Putin is a scam and liar. Russia, under Putin, is trying to take control of Europe through shorthand methods. Putin also has a deadline to bring down the European Union had his government is about to bankruptcy in 2017. Russia is caught up in an economic turmoil as its foreign debt are maturing soon. There is also a threat of political turmoil which may be brought by the economic crisis. At the moment, Russia is financially unstable, and the Western sanctions are making it worse.

There is a 7% of GDP deficit on Russia’s budget, and a 3% cut will be initiated by the government to prevent inflation rates in the country from getting out of hand. The country’s social security fund is also running bankrupt and its is now supported by the government. For a long time, George Soros has never been Putin’s favorite due to his drive for regime change in Russia. Recently, Russia banned two of George Soros humanitarian organizations from operating in the country and termed them a threat to Russia, its people, and its Constitution.

George Soros runs the Open Society charity organization which spreads the message of democracy, freedom of speech and access to information. The Open Society stands up for a society where everyone is equal, and the rule of a fair constitution governs the people, and no individual is above the law.

In Morgantown, West Virginia, West Virginia University (WVU) recently held an event that highlighted the growth and development of Wikipedia into a major institution. Held on January 19, this edit-a-thon was created to promote greater gender equality within the pages of Wikipedia. The event was spearheaded by WVU’s Kelly Doyle. Empowered by a grant from the Wikipedia Foundation, Doyle is committed to improving Wikipedia’s coverage of notable West Virginia women. Considering the fact that 90 percent of all Wikipedia editors are male, this is a very important goal. By all accounts, the edit-a-thon was a successful event that achieved real progress. The first Wikipedia article created at the event discussed Elizabeth Simpson Drewry, the very first African-American woman to enter West Virginia’s state legislature. 

Though it may seem like a pillar institution of the modern Web, Wikipedia is actually fairly new for a encyclopedia. This makes it all the more amazing that the user-edited encyclopedia has already achieved so much. More than ever, Wikipedia is demonstrating its importance for all types of organizations, from government agencies and nonprofits to for-profit businesses. Without doubt, Wikipedia is transforming the way that people interface with information. When Wikipedia first unveiled itself to the world, some people were alarmed at the very thought of a user-created encyclopedia. However, experience has demonstrated that Wikipedia is a truly useful resource with a self-correcting operating mechanism. 

Companies that establish and maintain thoughtful Wikipedia presences are well-poised to excel. Make a Wikipedia page that can play a very important role in building a stronger brand. After all, Wikipedia pages typically rank very highly in Google searches. A properly managed Wikipedia page can enhance search engine visibility, sales and corporate credibility. Unfortunately, inexperienced parties face serious pitfalls when creating and managing Wikipedia pages. To maintain its relatively high level of accuracy and readability, Wikipedia maintains very strict submission standards. With their deep knowledge of Wikipedia guidelines and standards, third-party Wikipedia page managers fill important roles for clients. There has never been a better time to secure the crucial assistance of Wikipedia experts. Get Your Wiki is one Wikipedia writing service that simplifies and streamlines Wikipedia page management. Through a money-back guarantee, Get Your Wiki ensures clients corporate Wikipedia pages that will achieve ready acceptance. Furthermore, the experts at Get Your Wiki will continually monitor Wikipedia pages to ensure they are up-to-date, accurate and aptly fulfilling their branding potentials. 

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Every year brings new artists to the scene in the music world, but there are some veterans that people are on the lookout for. There are some artists that just build the anticipation because they have been away so long.

Kanye West is one of these anticipated artists. He has changed the album name 3 times in 2015, and there still isn’t a release date for the record. It is true that fans should have expected this. He has put some much time into his clothing line. His wife is pregnant again and he is enjoying the time that he spends as a husband and father.

West was busy last year with singles with everyone from Fox Carolina with Jon Urbana, to Ty Dollar Sign and Paul McCartney. It seems like fans were on the verge of getting a full album, but then the name of the album changed. It seemed like Kanye was falling apart under the pressure of producing a new record. Much of this could be linked to his previous formats.

It was easy to follow the school themes of “College Dropout” and “Late Registration.” These albums are easy. Once he departed from this the whole sound of his music changed. People are wondering if the same thing will happen to Adele has dropped her last age-titled album in 2015. People will just have to wait to see what the “College Dropout” will do here in 2016.

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The worlds wealthiest hedge fund Forbes billionaire, George Soros, has some harsh words when asked about his opinion of Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump. During an interview at the World Economic Forum held in Davos, Soros spoke to Bloomberg TV and gave his thoughts on both the economic as well as political situations. When asked about Donald Trump, Soros replied that he believes he is doing the work of ISIS. He believes Trump’s anti-immigration stance, the most popular point to the Trump platform, is what will drive the Muslim community to commit more terrorist acts. He believes ISIS days are numbered due to Iraq and Syria reclaiming territory that ISIS had previously held. He also disagreed with Ted Cruz policies and went on to state that he believes Hillary Clinton will win by a landslide. Soros opinions on Trump were originally published in Forbes
Soros himself was once an immigrant, born in Budapest in 1930, he fled to Hungary in 1947 when he was still just a teenager to avoid the Nazi occupation that happened in his homeland during WWII. From Hungary he migrated to England where he attended and graduated from London School of Economics. He soon immigrated to the United States where he was able to use his education to amass an impressive fortune. His experiences as a young boy during WWII easily explains his feelings and stance on immigration laws and his beliefs on carefully accepting refugees into the country.
Since Soros began his professional career in the United States, he has been able to focus his attention on other projects as well. In 1979 he was able to donate funds to help South African students attend Cape Town University during apartheid.
Soros also uses his vast experience to author over a dozen books as well as articles and essays that cover topics like politics, economics, and society. His well written thoughts as well as vastly trusted opinions have led to him being published in numerous international media outlets. Information obtained from George Soros

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In the world of fashion, there are certain rules that the masses must adhere to follow. From color schemes to texture, people critique fashion down to the most minute details. Doe Deere, a fashion guru in her field, marches to the beat of her own drum, and she has little regard for the must-wear rules that fashion magazine’s aim to regulate in their annual issues. Doe Deere’s brand, Lime Crime makeup line, has placed her near the top of the whose-who in the fashion industry, and she does not seem like she is ready to relinquish her spot anytime soon. So read along as this article takes a look at who Doe is, how she got started, and who inspires her.

Growing up in Russia, Doe was just like many other adolescents, and It took her a while to feel confident about her beauty. Most would think that because of her rise in the fashion industry that was something that just came natural, but that was not the case. The ironic thing about that time in her life is that she never considered wearing makeup, because she never perceived herself as attractive. Well, all that changed on her prom night. While not being as enthused as the other teenage girls, she didn’t do much preparation in picking out her outfit to wear. But a family friend, who had experience in cosmetics, convinced Doe to let her apply her makeup. The results were astonishing. Doe gained confidence from that experience, and she found her distinctive makeup niche that night.

As Doe’s love for makeup grew stronger, she decided to experiment with the internet. She opened an eBay account in 2004, and she started an independent Do-it-yourself fashion line called, LimeCrime. With her distinct products, mostly consisting of colorful makeup and accessories, the site took off in popularity.

Although her rise to the top might seem simple to some, Doe acknowledges that it took much hard work and that she mentions the sources of inspiration that helped to lift her to her peak in success. Doe credits reading books as one of her inspirations for learning more about fashion and the business that she now successfully runs. A couple of books that she mentioned were, Think Big & Kick Ass, and The Brand Gap and ZAG. Not only did she learn how to become successful, but she developed her business savvy during the process. And lastly, she acknowledges her husband as the biggest source of inspiration that keeps her motivated and uplifted.

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According to Wikipedia, Banco BMG is a private financial company under the control of Pentagna Guimaraes. The Guimaraes family has been in the commercial business in Brazil since 1930. When the BMG bank was first established, it mostly dealt with loaning both at retail and wholesale level. From 1998, it changed to payroll loans and had become famous for that.


BMG partnered with Itau Unibanco in 2012, forming Banco Itau BMG SA Payroll. BMG currently has 40% of the total shares while Itau Unibanco holds the remaining sixty percent. F


Ricardo Guimaraes is a businessman and the Chief Executive Officer of BMG Bank. Initially, he worked at the bank as an office assistant from 1980 and in 1988, he moved to the position of business administrator. He was the son of Flavio Guimaraes Pentagna.


On April, 18th, 2011, a ceremony for the honors degree was held in honor of Ricardo Guimaraes. Daniel Nepomuceno organized the celebration and during the event, he rained praises to Ricardo for the excellent work he had done. Ricardo was remembered for the rebranding BMG and his support for sports such as tennis, soccer and volleyball among others.


In 2010, the Ricardo Soccer BRI was created; it’s an investment capital for football athletes. The program generates more than 20 million dollars which supported several athletes in their career. In his speech, Mr. Guimaraes said he was proud and happy to continue what his grandfather started and that Belo Horizonte will always remain the family roots.


Ricardo has seen Bank BMG have a small defaulter rate through his managerial skills and experience. He is a lover of football and die hard supporter of Atletico Mineiro club. Mr. Guimaraes has been the president and sponsor of the team. By sponsoring the Brazilian football clubs, BMG Bank’s brand is marketed and strengthened.


The popularity of Banco BMG is done naturally when matches are announced on national media to a big audience; this makes viewers now the brand. Through the support, the bank gets one of the most significant returns.


Ricardo Guimaraes purchased the Schahin Bank and GE Money Brazil, as he felt the need to include new products to the bank and also the market was changing. With these two new banks, Ricardo was able to offer new services such as varied individual loans and vehicle funding.


Ricardo is a skilled entrepreneur and excellent leader who deserve global recognition for his good work. Having started from the lowest rank in the family business, he worked his way up and become one of the greatest executives; he is an example of many.

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Gone are the days when a person has to decide whether to keep feeding their dog the same boring food, or even changing the food because the price has gotten too expensive. There are now so many options available to pet owners that people can choose from a huge variety instead of only a few options. This does not mean that other food companies are not doing well, but merely that one in particular has begun a new process of creating wholesome and healthy food for dogs. According to The Daily Herald, Freshpet may taste and smell delicious to humans as shown when Michael Hieger, the manufacturing chief for Richard Thompson in their Bethlehem, Pennsylvania factory, took a piece of their Freshpet Chunky Chicken and Turkey Recipe and popped it into his mouth, but imagine how it must taste to a dog! If it “Tastes just like Thanksgiving” to a human, a dog must absolutely love the flavor. This is a major reason why Freshpet has made great waves in the already blossoming industry of fresh dog food. This does not mean that companies like Beneful are receiving the short end of the stick, however. Beneful has been a major innovator and provider of high quality and cruelty free foods for many years. It is also not showing any signs of fading into history any time soon, which is great for people who already love Purina Store’s Beneful. Beneful offers many items like snacks and treats for dogs.  What’s more is that they offer many nationwide events and create wonderful parks for people to take their dogs to in order to expose them to other people and four-legged companions. These are opening up all over the country with more to be planned in the future. Freshpet has not quite gotten that far yet, but they are leading the way in freshly created foods with quality ingredients that are put together under a strategy of having dogs eat like their owners. Although it might currently set a person back about twice as much as regular canned and bagged dog foods, it involves no preservatives or bad things that might hurt a beloved pet. This means the food must be eaten before the short shelf life, but the refrigerated process keeps it fresh for a good deal of time.