5 Seconds of Summer is an Australian rock band that essentially blends 1990s punk pop and the boy bands of the 2000s. They formed in 2011, uploading videos to YouTube. Sony noticed them, signing them to release two EPs in 2012 and having them open for mega boy band One Direction. Capitol Records snatched them up and released their third EP, a debut full album, and a live CD in 2014. Fans love them and dubbed them 5SOS.

Suddenly on the morning of June 24th, the band took to Twitter and changed their name, paying homage to the famous internet canine Doge. Welcome Doge SOS. Sam Tabar suggests individual members are also changing their names and avatars. Michael is now Majestic Doge. Luke is Doge Hemmings. Calum is Doge Official. Ashton is now Doge irwin. They were having all kinds of fun throwing their own Doge phrases and puns into the Twittersphere.

Will this stick? Most likely not. They have had fun playing with their name before, having gone through phases of 5 Seconds of Ham, 5 Seconds of Ewok, and 5 Seconds of Toast.