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NGP VAN created a new app that has and continues to revolutionize how canvassing is done during the campaign period. The new app reduces the campaign field organizer’s workload by automating the process of cutting turf thus saving time and resources. The Distributed Canvassing tool will alter the workflow of canvas launching. At the moment, if a person wants to join in as a volunteer on a campaign, they have to contact the field organizer schedule an appointment to come to the office. The field organizer has to cut and print turf, the volunteers have to look at the list of voters, go canvass and in reality, contact the electors, the volunteers then have to bill the list back at the office, and the organizer finally has to record the data into the system.


Distributed canvass make works easier by cutting then distributing the turf so that the campaign organizer only has to create a universe, spell out the script he or she wants and the number of doors to be allocated to every individual. According to your campaigner’s exact location, the system cuts turf and makes a list number, and all that’s left is the distribution of the list number by the organizer.


Distributed canvassing was born from the idea of an app named Knock 10 that tried to eliminate the barriers involved in contacting the electors. The only challenge with the knock 10 app was that the organizers could not create their universe or scripts. Distributed Canvassing technology by NGP VAN is found in the MiniVan app which is an improved version of the knock 10 app. The technology saves time for the users since the volunteers can download the list from where they are, and the app automatically gets the closest doors. The campaigners are only able to see the turf once they fill in the list number. MiniVan and Distributed Canvassing also very useful when the volunteers are from another region because after creating a universe and a list number, canvassing can pretty much take place in an organized manner. This technology is available for those willing to be part of the beta curriculum.

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The software is socially progressive, and the NGP VAN Company participated in an awareness campaign, International Day Without Women, to show the importance of gender, social and economic equality at the workplace. The company is also able to provide data on voters to those running for electoral positions.

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Sean Penn has been an actor for the entirety his adult life, but now he is calling it quits. He may be retiring from acting, but he has found a new outlet to entertain his fans, literature. Sean Penn is no stranger to writing though. He has been a screenwriter and a journalist during his career;however, for the first time, Sean Penn has written a novel called Bob honey who just do stuff. Sean Penn has went from acting on the big screen, interviewing important world figures like Hugo Chavez, and now is the author of Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.


Bob Honey who just do stuff is a comedy about a dystopian society. The main character is a septic tank salesman by day and a killer for the United States government by night. The book has been called satire, poking fun at the popular, over-saturated dystopian genre. The New York Times praised the book, calling it a riddle wrapped in an enigma and crazy. Some people are not fans though. Some people have criticized the book, telling Sean Penn to stick to his day job.


Vogue magazine sent Sean Penn a call for an interview to discuss the novel. The interview began simply with the question of Sean Penn’s location and Penn explained to the interview that he was in his home in L.A.


Penn was then asked about the difference between books and movies in regards to production, promotion, and touring. Penn explained that books are very much different. With a book, if it fails, no one is to blame but the author; a movie can fail due to a wide variety of reasons. Before a movie reaches the fans, it goes through hundreds of hands, sometimes through dozens of companies. Sean Penn said he likes the feeling of creating something that is 100-percent his. “[I] have no apologies to make,” Penn said.


Sean Penn claimed he wrote Bob honey who just do stuff simply because he wasn’t happy playing with others any longer. “I really had a lot on my mind that I wanted to do or free up in ways that didn’t depends either on creative collaborators or financial backing,” Penn said.


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The Jewish community has for years strived to maintain its identity and pride. However, very few Jews have mastered the courage to stand up for their ethnicity, traditions, and values. In a recent article, Adam Milstein provides his fellow Jews with essential values that will make them stand out from the rest. He encourages them to muster courage and embrace their ethnicity, to develop pride in who they are and where they come from. Furthermore, he advises to develop the skill of resilience and persistence and not give up after standing up for them just once but rather to keep at it, and finally to develop a passion for discovering more about where they come from and who they ought to be as Jews. Follow Adam Milstein on Twitter.

Adam Milstein is a known humanitarian and real estate investor who is of Israeli nativity but dwells in America. He was born in 1952 to a mother who was an Israeli emigrate from Mexico and a father who was an Israeli emigrates from Argentina. Adam served in the Israeli Defense Forces for five years before he joined Technion where took up a Bachelor’s of Science degree in economics and business. Milstein has worked in the real estate industry for several years and currently works at Hager Pacific Properties as a managing partner. Hager Pacific is an agency that deals with purchasing, restoring and relocation business, retail, agency, and multi-family assets. Visit JTA.org to know more about Adam Milstein.

Apart from his works in the real estate, Adam Milstein is also an active humanitarian together with his wife, Gila Milstein. The two have established a number of foundations like a foundation of the family which was brought into existence eighteen years ago. The organization helps young Jews identify and connect with their roots and develop a sense of pride in their Jewish culture by sponsoring their education. Adam also collaborated the founding of the council of Israel and America to which he is the current chairman.

Adam Milstein has recently found a passion for writing blogs and uses this platform to address the issues that affect the Jewish community being a proud Jew that he is. He aims at creating a sense of pride in the Jewish Community and promoting togetherness and understanding in the society as well.

Visit: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/author/adam-milstein