Thor Halvorssen Looks To Tell Human Rights Based Stories

Through his work as a leading human rights activist, Thor Halvorssen understands the power of the media and how important it can be to link the issues facing human rights abuses to individual stories that carry far more power. The well known film producer remains popular for his role as a n expert in the production of both documentary and fiction films he believes should always include a message about the problems of human rights abuses; Halvorssen also assists those who have been trapped under authoritarian rule to tell their individual story of human rights abuses through the platform created by the Venezuelan activists own Human Rights Foundation.

After completing his studies in political science at the University of Pennsylvania, Thor Halvorssen spent much of his time exploring the many different options available to him to become a popular human rights activist; by 2005, Halvorssen wished to take more direct action against governments he feels are diminishing the human rights of their citizens. Establishing the Human Rights Foundation during the same year, Thor Halvorssen now works with many of the top technology executives in America’s Silicon Valley to assist in getting the best technological options to the people in the world who are trapped under tyrannical rule.

As a film producer Thor doers not feel he should ignore the human rights abuses committed around the world, instead looking to use the platform of both documentary and fictional film to pass on information about human rights issues across the planet.As a film producer Halvorssen looks to various aspects of human rights problems, including those seen on U.S. college campuses where a left wing bias is often seen and shown in the documentary “Indoctrinate U”. Thor Halvorssen does not simply dwell on the dark side of human rights abuses, but instead looks to explore the success that can be achieved when a community comes together to fight for their rights; “The Singing Revolution”, a documentary about the popular Estonian uprising against ruling Soviet authorities won critical acclaim around the world and became the most popular documentary in the history of the Estonian nation.


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