There are many law firms in the world and their main objective is to help you win any case you have. Cone Marshall Law Firm is based in New Zealand and Geoffrey Cone together with Karen Marshall are the principals. It is an international trust and tax law firm which was founded in the year 199 in Auckland. Before joining the firm in the year 2005, Karen worked for ten years in London at another law company in its Commercial Litigation department. Since 2006, she was elected the principal together with Cone and they have been a great inspiration to many people around the globe. Her wide experience especially in managing and handling trusts has made her the best advisor to companies such as statutory trustee companies.

Benefits of Working with Cone Marshall

Geoffrey Cone has also been providing international tax and trust planning, trust as well as trustee management services since the year 1980. Cone Marshall Limited has been working with international families together with their advisors so as to help them establish New Zealand trust, companies and even partnerships and also provide tax planning advice and global wealth. You need to be sure you have the best lawyer when trying to win a case. In this way, you can visit the law firm and get advice on how to find yourself the best family attorney or advisor.

Lawyers working in Cone Marshall will ensure you get the assistance you need at any time. You can visit the firm whenever you need them in New Zealand in case you need help with tax or trust. This the most reliable law firm that offers all kind of services related to international tax and trust. Together with your advisor, you can both visit the law firm and explain your issue to one of the staff members. The lawyer you get will not rest until you get all the services you need and ensure you win the case.


Things change with time and it is important for you and your lawyer to have all the necessary knowledge on what to expect before the hearing. Lawyers in this firm have a wide experience especially with such cases and they will be in a better position to prepare you. You will get advice on how to conduct yourself and how and when to speak. Your lawyer will also be prepared on what to do, questions to ask and how to prepare the case.


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In life, everyone has goals. We all hope to gain happiness in life by accomplishing what we have planned to do. However, this does not always happen since there may be obstacles along the way. When this happens, one would need a helping hand. This is where the Midas Legacy comes in. This is a company on that has dedicated itself to making people’s lives much easier by helping them attain their goals. Some of the notable goals that the company helps on include health, financial and overall feeling of self worth in life. They are located in Winter Garden, Florida.

In order to fully deliver on its mandate, the company has a team of experts in various fields. They help to advice clients on the right direction to follow. Based on individual situations and aspirations, these experts would provide the right path that would help them attain their set goals, whether short or long term. The Midas Legacy has over the years helped out both individuals and groups attain their lifelong goals and happiness. For instance they have helped investors get the right choices in terms of where to invest their cash. Through this, the investors have gone ahead to venture into profitable business endeavors.

When one consults The Midas Legacy, they are provided with a free guide known as The Midas Code. This guide has the main stepping stones to success and the steps on how best to achieve them through discipline, dedication and hard work.

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The Midas Legacy has realized that there are a lot of people who look up to them in terms of financial management. As a result, they have thrived to win the trust of its clients by ensuring that they prove their worth. They get involved in extensive research to ensure that they offer their clients with the best options in terms of improving their lives. The Midas Legacy’s main aim is to help these people retire early from their stressful hassles and enjoy life in abundance. With peace of mind, their clients can comfortable wobble through life with a clear direction of how their financial, health and self worth would be in future.

One of the notable figures in the company is Seam Bower. He is passionate about getting people to retire early after they have completed their blueprint to their goals. He encourages his clients to consider alternatives that would help cushion their financial future. With these, the company has achieved its goals so far.

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People work hard throughout their lives, and if the opportunity came, would love to retire early. Peace and happiness in life is an attainable goal, and The Midas Legacy is the company that can help this goal become a realization.

The Midas Legacy is a consultancy firm that wants you to reach the level of success you want, and that’s their main goal. This mission comes to fruition as they are able to offer capital to members who have the potential and ability to change the lives of those in real estate, entrepreneurship, natural health, and finance, in a positive manner.

The process gets started as a customer consults directly with the company. As the client becomes a member, The Midas Legacy are given a free guide called The Midas Code. Experts involved with the company then steer the member into different areas of business.

Examples of some of the experts include top stock market shareholders, very successful entrepreneurs, authors renowned in the publishing world, and more. Each expert in the company shares the goal of ensuring the member reach their desired level of success.

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Real Estate Riches

The Midas Legacy Helps People Protect Their Retirement & Live Healthier

Some of the experts within the company are Sean Bower, Jim Samson, and Mark Edwards.

Sean Bower is an expert in finance and has written many articles for The Midas Legacy on their website. Many of the articles include ways for a person to unlock their secrets of managing their wealth.

Jim Samson is a successful entrepreneur and trading expert. He is also a leader in the real estate industry. He has worked about 20 years in the real estate.

Mark Edwards is the natural health guru for The Midas Legacy. He is an expert in natural cures that the drug companies don’t want you to know about. Most people are accustomed to buying expensive prescription drugs, but Mark knows there is a better way to achieve health.

The Midas Legacy makes great charitable donations to very worthy groups. Some of the groups include St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, the Wounded Warrior Project, the Give Hope Foundation, and many more. They believe in giving back to the community.

There is a way to achieve two main goals in life, peace and happiness. When you want to manage your wealth better, and be more successful, reach out to The Midas Legacy.

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