Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian native with vast experience in the financial sector. Having made a mark as one of Brazil’s most prominent bankers, Igor is a man whose advice in finance you cannot afford to ignore. He has been quite successful, making worthy investments over time to earn him a fortune. One of his successes includes Bainbridge Investment Inc. He is the proprietor of the Bahamas-based company.

Although investing is one of the surest ways of getting rich, it is not a walk in the park. According to Igor, many people have lost fortunes because of wrong investment choices. However, one can amass a great fortune through investments if one follows the right approach. One thing people need to acknowledge and learn from successful investors like Igor is the fact that investments are long-term ventures. This is the case, especially if one is considering entering the stock market.

So, how exactly did this man get to where he is? Mr. Cornelsen had a successful banking career from which he gained vast experience. In his career, he managed some of the world’s biggest banking institutions, which offered him the chance to pick the best practices in the finance field. This experience has put him in a position where he can decipher the key tricks applicable for successful investing.

One of the key investment tips Igor openly offers to those who care to listen is the need for diversification. He advises against making a huge investment in a single company whose future success is not assured. He gives an example of his portfolio. Cornelsen intimates that his financial portfolio built over years of facebook research and well thought out purchases involves shares from various companies. He says the reason for this is to guarantee some form of security on your investment. He says while it is possible for a single company to collapse leading to investors losing their money, it is virtually impossible for all companies to record losses over the same period. Therefore, when one company makes losses, several others in his portfolio are making profits.

Successful investment does not involve a copy paste situation. It needs research and careful selection of the options to invest in. One of the factors to be considered according to Igor includes the company’s past. If the company has a history of success over the years, chances are your money will bear more fruits as opposed to a company that has been recording losses. Another factor to consider is the company’s host nation. What is the economic situation in that country? A country’s economy is bound to affect the companies in that particular country.
Igor Cornelsen advises new investors to put their money in upcoming and robust economies like Brazil where they can reap maximum gains. He also warns that investment is not a get rich quick scheme.