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People living in Buckhead region in Atlanta have something nice to smile about as the year progresses. According to reports shown to the media, the residents of Atlanta will enjoy great bodies and a lot of confidence thanks to the new technology that has been brought into the city by one of the leading medical professionals, known as Dr. Mark McKenna. The report indicates that the new technology goes by the name OVME, and it has promised the residents that they will enjoy minimum invasive medical treatments that have been designed by experts to cure and at the end of the day make the patient feel good about them. If this is your area, then you have been offered all the reasons you need so that you can smile.

Dr. Mark McKenna is among the top medical professionals living in America at the moment. Apart from assisting in curing so many diseases in his career as a doctor, the businessman has done an excellent job in the business department. While most doctors prefer to look for formal employment so that they can accomplish their career goals, Dr. Mark McKenna has chosen to invest his wealth in the profession so that people in the country have the opportunity of living a longer and better life. Mark came up with the idea of starting OVME technology when he realized the effects of the surgeries people were getting in their lives. Dr. Mark McKenna knew that the people in the Atlanta region wanted a change, and this is why he came up with the modern treatment.


If you need some surgery that will not affect your looks and confidence, OVME is the way to go. The technology has only been available to the people in Atlanta for a short time, and it is the perfect way of avoiding ugly scars that will not disappear for a long time. OVME has many other benefits too. The professional doctor has announced that the cost of the medical procedure will be quite affordable to the people living in Atlanta. The doctor says that he wants more individuals to benefit from the technology.



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Makari de Suisse is a luxury skin care brand that has been outstanding in different beauty and skin care products across the world. Makari is a Swahili word meaning “beautiful” and the products are a testimony to that. The products are manufactured in Switzerland, and the company has maintained high standards of quality and professionalism over the last ten years. Various skin care products sold across the globe have transformed lives of many by enabling them to achieve beautiful, radiant skins.

Benefits of Makari Skin Products:

– Reduce dark spots naturally with no hydroquinone.
– Fights signs of aging using natural ingredients to deliver ageless and flawless skin.
– Fades Acne Scars effectively with no harmful ingredients.
– Clinically proven formula to lighten your skin.
Top Selling Makari Skin Products
The following are among the top selling skin products with amazing positive reviews across the globe:

Clarifying Whitening Exfoliating Antiseptic Soap

This is n exfoliating soap for body and face and goes for a Price of $13.99.
This fantastic product is formulated to effectively cleanse, tone, and brighten the skin and at the same time providing resurfacing benefits. It is gentle enough to be applied daily since it has topical antioxidants that help condition your skin and retain the moisture level.

Body Beautifying Whitening Milk

This Makari body milk goes for $47.45.
It is 100% hydroquinone free body milk with an intensely hydrating effect that is designed to smooth your complexion while reducing the intensity of pigmented marks, signs of premature aging, and discolorations.

Caviar Clarifying Glycerin

This high-performance body cream goes for $39.95
The cream instantly reduces the visibility of hyperpigmentation and lightens dark spots in addition to protecting the skin against free radicals. The Ultimate Lightening Glycerin formulated with Caviar provides the best performing formula for skin lightening. The result is a clear, luminous, and silky complexion.

The overall appearance is determined by the flawlessness and radiance of your skin. This in turn directly affects your level of self-confidence and the success it brings along. Makari’s primary goal is to unlock your true beauty and enhance your self-esteem through radiant, luxurious skin. Try any of the marvelous Makari skin care products today!

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Make up truly has the amazing power to transform a person and to give them a completely and totally different look. Many people may say that they do not like how a person looks wearing too much makeup, when in reality the case is that if it is obvious that a person is wearing a lot of makeup, then they do not know how to put their makeup on the right way. There are many different ways that an individual can use make up and it all depends on how they want to present themselves to the world, and also the way that they apply their make up.

Doe Deere

Doe Deere is a very well-known businesswoman on ideamensch.com she is the founder of Lime Crime. Lime Crime is a makeup brand that is very popular. It is cruelty free and it comes in a large array of crazy colors. Doe Deere was inspired by other female entrepreneurs and women owned businesses, and she made her passion into her career and now her line of makeup is sold all around the world.

The Face

When it comes to the face there are different things that an individual may choose to do when they are applying make up to their face. They may choose to use concealer, powder, foundation, and then they may even choose to contour their face. Other individuals may choose to just use a mineral powder in order to keep their face more natural. After the powder is applied it is good to use a nice blush, be it a neutral color or a very bright and colorful blush in order to give the face more dimension

The Eyes

when it comes to the eyes there is a huge array of things that a woman can do in order to give her eyes a specific look. Eyeliner is a great part of any make up regimen, because it can change and define the way that a woman’s eyes looks. Apart from eyeliner there are thousands of different colors of eyeshadows that a woman can apply to her eyes if she wants them to be colorful. It is a great idea to make sure that the eyebrows are well plucked and defined because the eyebrows give a nice dimension to the face as well. Mascara is by far the most important piece of makeup to put on the eyes. Mascara makes the eyes really pop out, and it makes the eyelashes look long and thick.


Lips give another dimension to a face, regardless of if a woman likes to wear a little or a lot of make up it is a good idea for her to get a nice lip color. A woman can choose to get different lip colors depending on the outfit that she is going to wear and also depending on the time of day. Regardless of what color that she chooses, it is important to get one that matches well with the rest of her makeup.