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Sean Penn has been an actor for the entirety his adult life, but now he is calling it quits. He may be retiring from acting, but he has found a new outlet to entertain his fans, literature. Sean Penn is no stranger to writing though. He has been a screenwriter and a journalist during his career;however, for the first time, Sean Penn has written a novel called Bob honey who just do stuff. Sean Penn has went from acting on the big screen, interviewing important world figures like Hugo Chavez, and now is the author of Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.


Bob Honey who just do stuff is a comedy about a dystopian society. The main character is a septic tank salesman by day and a killer for the United States government by night. The book has been called satire, poking fun at the popular, over-saturated dystopian genre. The New York Times praised the book, calling it a riddle wrapped in an enigma and crazy. Some people are not fans though. Some people have criticized the book, telling Sean Penn to stick to his day job.


Vogue magazine sent Sean Penn a call for an interview to discuss the novel. The interview began simply with the question of Sean Penn’s location and Penn explained to the interview that he was in his home in L.A.


Penn was then asked about the difference between books and movies in regards to production, promotion, and touring. Penn explained that books are very much different. With a book, if it fails, no one is to blame but the author; a movie can fail due to a wide variety of reasons. Before a movie reaches the fans, it goes through hundreds of hands, sometimes through dozens of companies. Sean Penn said he likes the feeling of creating something that is 100-percent his. “[I] have no apologies to make,” Penn said.


Sean Penn claimed he wrote Bob honey who just do stuff simply because he wasn’t happy playing with others any longer. “I really had a lot on my mind that I wanted to do or free up in ways that didn’t depends either on creative collaborators or financial backing,” Penn said.


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