The agricultural sector in Brazil has been suffering in 2018 and businessman Flavio Maluf believes that it will improve come 2019. Most of the problems that the industry in Brazil has been facing is due to the strikes in the transportation industry he believes. Among the crops that have been affected by the strike have been corn and sugar as the strike occurred during their main production period in the summer. During this time frame, 33% of the corn and 20% of the sugar in Brazil is usually produced. View Maluf’s profile on linkedin.

Fortunately, states Flavio Maluf, the production of soybeans has risen and considerably and offset some of the losses in the industry. This is good news for the industry who has also seen a reduction in beef and coffee production as well. The issues that Brazil is facing with beef can be attributed to the shortages of corn production which is the main source of food for the cattle. While Flavio Maluf does not expect the government to do much if anything in response to the drop in agricultural gross domestic product, he believes that after worse losses in the third quarter this year production will start to increase again.

Flavio Maluf is a Brazillian businessman and the President of Eucatex and Grandfood. While many people believe being an entrepreneur will allow you to do less work, he doesn’t believe this is the case and always has a busy work schedule. He also believes that it isn’t impossible to start a business without a lot of money as long as you have a good idea and can get it across to the right investors. The name for Eucatex was born from the material that the company uses for wood fiber, eucalyptus. Flavio Maluf is always on the lookout for something different as an entrepreneur as a way of staying productive.