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Victoria Doramus is a successful media expert who has spent her life becoming one of the most knowledgeable professionals in her industry. Diverse jobs in print, television, and film as well as administrative roles and philanthropy make Doramus something of a modern polymath.

Victoria Doramus has made her name working as an analyst researching trends in media and using that knowledge to produce content for magazines and even major shows like the View. She was later recruited to be the west coast editor for Trendera, a trend forecasting company that helps match marketing efforts to current trends. She later worked as an assistant to film director Peter Berg.

According to Crunchbase, while Doramus’s media work has made her a success, it’s what she has done with that success that makes her unique. She has spent the last few years focusing on giving back and has engaged in a wide variety of philanthropic efforts. She has spent an extensive amount of time volunteering with the Amy Winehouse Foundation which helps prevent young people from becoming hooked on drugs by educating them about substance abuse and how to prevent it as well as providing support to those who are at high risk. She also has done work with the Best Friends Animal Society who help find homes for animals as well as running some of the largest animal sanctuaries in the US.

Many people reach success but Victoria Doramus has provided an example for the good that can be done when talented and successful people apply their expertise to giving back. Check out Victoria’s closet on


JHSF is the largest real estate company in Brazil. It is composed of four business units and has properties in three cities in the country namely Salvador, Sao Paulo, and Manaus. When talking about real estate business in the country we do not mean just any real estate development, it is high-end properties meant for the highest income earners. Apart from the building, JHSF is also engaged in the development of international airports. Most of the projects carried out by this company are commercial and residential properties. JHSF is popular in Brazil for developing shopping centers which have never been seen before.

JHSF was the first company to gain rights to develop malls in the country. The company which was founded in 1972 has been making huge gains since then. The main reason why the company has been making profits is because of the ability of the leadership to identify untapped opportunities in the real estate sector which it has exploited to make huge profits. JHSF has even gone to the extent of taking its investments to other countries. Currently, they have investments in Uruguay and the United States.

JHSF has transformed its investments in the industry such that is now focusing on building recurring income property. With shopping centers and restaurants, these are investments which generate income. With such investments. There is a high likelihood that the business will continue making more profits in coming years.

JHSF is headed by CEO Jose Auriemo Neto. He took over leadership from his father who started this company as a construction company. Jose Auriemo Neto has managed to change the company and made more than just a construction company. It is an investment company that is generating millions by investing in high-end property development as well as joining the retail business where it has partnered with luxury brands to set up shops in the shopping malls they are developing.

What’s in a name? For Ryan Seacrest, it is a burgeoning entertainment empire that is branching out into fashion.

Seacrest’s appreciation for fashion began in 2002 after hosting an episode of American Idol. Later on in his career, he developed a relationship with Christopher Bailey of Burberry fame. Bailey was designing the formal wear for Seacrest on red carpets and other national appearances.

Bailey was impressed with Ryan’s sense of style and vision. The close fit style formed the basis of Seacrest ’s signature look. He was looking for excellent quality, for guys with an eye for detail at an affordable price point.

Seacrest is the ultimate multi-tasker. He has moved back to New York to co-host the Live with Kelly and Ryan morning show. As soon as that show concludes he rushes upstairs to prepare for his OnAir with Ryan radio show. A morning talk show aired for the Los Angeles market.

The current projects Ryan Seacrest are involved with are Hollywood legend. The taping for America Idol has just started, and Seacrest is on the trail for the next superstar. One of the most significant accomplishments is the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. The organization is building media centers in hospitals for kids to realize their dreams. The foundation has opened their tenth studio at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt.

Macy’s is the current retail outlet for Ryan Seacrest Distinction. Recommendation’s from Macy’s, Seacrest settled on Peerless Clothing International to produce his signature brand. Randa became the choice for accessories such as belts, cufflinks, and jewelry. In an article from Men’s Journal, Ryan talked about how he overcame his weight loss struggle.

Initially, the line did not appeal to the broad audience Seacrest had envisioned. The tapered ultra-slim fit alienated a segment of the men’s fashion market. The team went back to the drawing board and redesigned the line and changed the fit to become more broad and mainstream.

Ryan Seacrest Distinction aims for the international man. He is an American male who travels the world over. The brand seeks the successful self-made man.

Now that the Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) brand is up and running and selling well, Ryan and his design team are focusing on the small items that will make the line unique.

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