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Victoria Doramus is a successful media expert who has spent her life becoming one of the most knowledgeable professionals in her industry. Diverse jobs in print, television, and film as well as administrative roles and philanthropy make Doramus something of a modern polymath.

Victoria Doramus has made her name working as an analyst researching trends in media and using that knowledge to produce content for magazines and even major shows like the View. She was later recruited to be the west coast editor for Trendera, a trend forecasting company that helps match marketing efforts to current trends. She later worked as an assistant to film director Peter Berg.

According to Crunchbase, while Doramus’s media work has made her a success, it’s what she has done with that success that makes her unique. She has spent the last few years focusing on giving back and has engaged in a wide variety of philanthropic efforts. She has spent an extensive amount of time volunteering with the Amy Winehouse Foundation which helps prevent young people from becoming hooked on drugs by educating them about substance abuse and how to prevent it as well as providing support to those who are at high risk. She also has done work with the Best Friends Animal Society who help find homes for animals as well as running some of the largest animal sanctuaries in the US.

Many people reach success but Victoria Doramus has provided an example for the good that can be done when talented and successful people apply their expertise to giving back. Check out Victoria’s closet on


What’s in a name? For Ryan Seacrest, it is a burgeoning entertainment empire that is branching out into fashion.

Seacrest’s appreciation for fashion began in 2002 after hosting an episode of American Idol. Later on in his career, he developed a relationship with Christopher Bailey of Burberry fame. Bailey was designing the formal wear for Seacrest on red carpets and other national appearances.

Bailey was impressed with Ryan’s sense of style and vision. The close fit style formed the basis of Seacrest ’s signature look. He was looking for excellent quality, for guys with an eye for detail at an affordable price point.

Seacrest is the ultimate multi-tasker. He has moved back to New York to co-host the Live with Kelly and Ryan morning show. As soon as that show concludes he rushes upstairs to prepare for his OnAir with Ryan radio show. A morning talk show aired for the Los Angeles market.

The current projects Ryan Seacrest are involved with are Hollywood legend. The taping for America Idol has just started, and Seacrest is on the trail for the next superstar. One of the most significant accomplishments is the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. The organization is building media centers in hospitals for kids to realize their dreams. The foundation has opened their tenth studio at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt.

Macy’s is the current retail outlet for Ryan Seacrest Distinction. Recommendation’s from Macy’s, Seacrest settled on Peerless Clothing International to produce his signature brand. Randa became the choice for accessories such as belts, cufflinks, and jewelry. In an article from Men’s Journal, Ryan talked about how he overcame his weight loss struggle.

Initially, the line did not appeal to the broad audience Seacrest had envisioned. The tapered ultra-slim fit alienated a segment of the men’s fashion market. The team went back to the drawing board and redesigned the line and changed the fit to become more broad and mainstream.

Ryan Seacrest Distinction aims for the international man. He is an American male who travels the world over. The brand seeks the successful self-made man.

Now that the Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) brand is up and running and selling well, Ryan and his design team are focusing on the small items that will make the line unique.

Go to this website for more details:

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OSI Industries has had a pattern of growth that is stunning in the food business. They started out as a buther’s shop with a man and his two sons. The company has grown exponentially since they opened at the turn of the 20th Century. Look below to learn what OSI Industries has done to become the premiere food supplier in the world.

1. They Partnered With McDonald’s

OSI Industries partnered with McDonald’s when Ray Kroc opened his first franchise of the fast food chain, and they had an agreement on fresh foods for his restaurants. They were able to parlay that excellence into more opportunities around the world. They have expanded their distribution network, and they now ship to each customer from what is the closest distribution center.

2. Their Commitment To Local Freshness

OSI Industries has a commitment to local freshness that they can send out to each of their clients. They are buying and growing locally. They are shipping to clients from the nearest distribution center, and their drivers offer the best customer service when the food arrives.

3. Reasonable Prices

OSI has always been committed to offering best prices to their clients. They want everyone to prosper with the foods that they sell, and they prefer to give their clients a low price that is helpful to their bottom line. OSI knows that they have an expansive business that should pass on savings to clients. They are pushing very hard to give their clients lower prices every year as other services rise in cost.

4. Expansion

OSI has expanded to many wonderful places around North America that get them closer to clients who need them. They have an international operation that is helpful to many clients they have found in countries that need them most. They are speeding up the progress of the food service industry be delivering fresher ingredients to more people.

5. Conclusion

The OSI legacy is that they have become so much better after partnering with McDonald’s. The company is so good at food service delivery that they are the preferred partner of many large chains.

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William Saito has many titles under his belt, he is an influential figure in Japan and even appeared in the list of 100 most influential people in Japan. William began his programming career at an early age.

William was fascinated by computers, and he wanted to find out how it operated, satisfying his curiosity, William discovered he could do programming, and this is how he managed to emerge as one of the youngest programmers and entrepreneurs of his time.

William Saito’s journey was however not easy. Teachers thought he was slow in his studies as he could not converse well in English. William was however good in science and mathematics, despite the challenge William Saito managed to join high school as one of the youngest students.william-saito-1dfccb15-207c-4543-86dd-daeca1b72b7-resize-750

William Saito has previously worked with the government. He offers advice to both public organizations as well as private institutions, and he is also an author. William believes that for one to make it in their line of work and more son in business, it is essential to accept failure and take it as a stepping ground to higher opportunities. William believes young people should be encouraged to fail and this way, they will learn lessons that will help them in their entire lives.

William Saito gives insights on his career journey.

On a typical day, William interacts with people, according to Saito talking with people helps him identify their problems and he can come up with ways of solving the problems. William works towards providing solutions that will help people in the real world.

To make his ideas to reality, William believes it is essential to try out the solution as soon as possible, if the solution is not working as planned, try again until it works. This method has helped William turn most of his ideas to great success stories.

Success tips by William Saito:

Over the years, William has experienced his share of failures and according to William failure is an integral part of success. Once you try out something and fail, you will learn how to tackle a similar problem but using the new knowledge.

The second tip, is taking one step at a time, do not rush.

Finally, William believes that pursuing what you enjoy doing will bring more success and satisfaction in your life.

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People living in Buckhead region in Atlanta have something nice to smile about as the year progresses. According to reports shown to the media, the residents of Atlanta will enjoy great bodies and a lot of confidence thanks to the new technology that has been brought into the city by one of the leading medical professionals, known as Dr. Mark McKenna. The report indicates that the new technology goes by the name OVME, and it has promised the residents that they will enjoy minimum invasive medical treatments that have been designed by experts to cure and at the end of the day make the patient feel good about them. If this is your area, then you have been offered all the reasons you need so that you can smile.

Dr. Mark McKenna is among the top medical professionals living in America at the moment. Apart from assisting in curing so many diseases in his career as a doctor, the businessman has done an excellent job in the business department. While most doctors prefer to look for formal employment so that they can accomplish their career goals, Dr. Mark McKenna has chosen to invest his wealth in the profession so that people in the country have the opportunity of living a longer and better life. Mark came up with the idea of starting OVME technology when he realized the effects of the surgeries people were getting in their lives. Dr. Mark McKenna knew that the people in the Atlanta region wanted a change, and this is why he came up with the modern treatment.


If you need some surgery that will not affect your looks and confidence, OVME is the way to go. The technology has only been available to the people in Atlanta for a short time, and it is the perfect way of avoiding ugly scars that will not disappear for a long time. OVME has many other benefits too. The professional doctor has announced that the cost of the medical procedure will be quite affordable to the people living in Atlanta. The doctor says that he wants more individuals to benefit from the technology.

Success in investments could be a complex mix of rational analysis, risk-management and a whole lot of unknown fortuitous variables that are too complicated to calculate. This means that it helps to be largely conservative in one’s management of investments to survive in trading. As Warren Buffet said, take all the risks you want but make sure you don’t forget that tomorrow, you still have to show up for work. Fortunately for Chief Investment Officer Sahm Adrangi of Kerrisdale Capital Management, LLC, he understands the value of being conservative and the importance of giving negative reports.

In the last negative report given by Sahm Adrangi for St. Joe Company, he argued that there’s too much misleading information about the firm. He believes that St. Joe Company’s calculation of the value of their real estate ventures could be far out or off the mark. He also believed that St. Joe’s real market value could even be lower because of the situation that its main investor, Fairholme Fund, is experiencing. The shareholder is still under investigation or processing because of the new SEC liquidity rules that will make or break the real value of the firm. This new regulation could even force St. Joe Company to force-sell its assets.

Secondly, it is seen through the analysis of Kerrisdale that no big improvement can be observed on St. Joe’s plans for their real estate project. The channel checks from Kerrisdale even saw no significant activity regarding building department inquiries over their product offerings. This leads Sahm Adrangi to argue that it’s too much of a stretch to believe in the current $1 billion assessment of the market value of the entire St. Joe Company’s projects. Such valuation could not match the current progress of the firm.
What makes Kerrisdale Capital’s assessment of St. Joe Company significantly reliable is the fact that Mr. Sahm Adrangi is the Founder itself of Kerrisdale Capital, so he holds accountable for whatever advice he gives out to his clients. He is also an experienced investment analyst, especially from his equity fund experience at Longacre Fund Management.

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The American leading private holding company of meat processors OSI Group, recently made news of their acquisition of Baho Food. Baho Food is a Dutch manufacturer of products such as deli meats, and other necessary food items for the food service industry, as well as the retail industry. The financial details of this purchase have not been publicly disclosed. David G. McDonald, president and C.O.O of OSI Group was quoted saying, “Adding Baho Food to our OSI Europe business gives OSI a broader presence in Europe.” It is noted that the managing team of Baho Food will remain as members of the business and work along OSI Group to devise strategies for the two merging companies to grow.

OSI Group also acquired Flagship Europe, a UK supplier for the food service. Terms of financial have not been disclosed. David G. McDonald stated, “The company’s portfolio of products and brands complements OSI’s current processing strengths while broadening our capabilities to best serve the evolving needs of our customers.”

With a fast growing company, it is no surprise that OSI group is expanding internationally. In 2017, the company made its last European purchase by adding a production line to the already existent plant in Toledo, Spain. By adding this production line, the company is now able to process 12,000 to 24,000 tons of chicken products a year. The area the facility is located, has a growing demand for chicken, and the company is ready to meet their needs. The new addition to the facility includes, a nice lounge for employees, storage for supplies, refrigeration systems for waste, and a new production hall for products can be received and shipped.

With all of these recent acquisitions, it is no wonder that the OSI Group is a leading company in meat processing. They are creating jobs, and creating products for everyone to enjoy.

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Most people who go into the military don’t know that the job is going to be as hard as what it is. While many of them recognize it is not an easy job or something they can just slack on doing, they think it will be better than what it is. They also think there are things they need to do to make it all easier. Since Ronald Fowlkes knows what he can do to make things better, he’s spent a lot of time in the military. He learned what people needed and always stuck to it so he can help them.


For Ronald Fowlkes, the next step in his career would be giving people what he could through community protection. As a law enforcement officer, he learned what people needed and tried to give it to them. He also knew there were things that would help him through his own career. It was his way of giving everyone the things they could do. He learned what to do, he focused on it and he executed it every chance he got. Ronald Fowlkes was a great law enforcement officer no matter what he did to help people.


Even though he enjoyed it, there were parts of the job that were problematic. Ronald Fowlkes found he didn’t have all the tools he needed to do the job. He also learned others didn’t have the same tools they needed. He wanted to make a difference, but it would be too hard for him to do that without helping other people. He chose to stick to the positive parts of the business while also giving back to the community he worked in. It was his way of growing and showing people everything would get better.


For Ronald Fowlkes, the point of starting his own company was giving back. He wanted to give everyone the products they needed. He also wanted them to see they weren’t alone. He found products military and law enforcement members needed and offered them at a low price. Before Ronald Fowlkes helped these people, they didn’t have a way to be successful with their own products. They also didn’t see all the options that made it easier for them to do everything right.


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Lacey and Larkin are among the people who have staged the war against the violation of the human rights in the society.

The two philanthropists were once prominent journalists in the community working under the Village Voice Media and the Phoenix New Times. They ventured into the programs of extermination of the discrimination in the United States by forming an organization by the name Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.

The mission of the group was to reinforce the efforts of the other unions fighting for the human rights financially. The inception of Frontera Fund took place in the year 2013. The concerned that made the two created the move is the incidents faced by the Hispanic refugees based in Arizona. Most of them were being discriminated based on their place origin.

Lacey and Larkin had enough experience in all sectors of the human right after working in the field for quite a long time. Furthermore, they had an excellent reputation in the society regarding the information in their articles as journalists.

Larkin and Lacey met detention in the year 2007 by the authority of the County Sherriff. The reason for the matter was the information they had relayed to the public of the proceeds of the grand jury and how the authorities marred by the issues of corruption. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Michael Lacey | LinkedIn

The act made the people reacted to the arrest of the two journalists and pushed for more explanation concerning their arrest. The orders of the arrest originated from the Sheriff.

The demand by the public made the authorities drop the charges and compensate them with the amount of $3.75 million. The money was put to run the programs of freedom campaign and to elevate the goals of the small unions fighting for the human rights.

The incident made the society aware of the matters taking place out of their concern. Furthermore, it united all the refugees and pushed them to fight for their rights as a unit. Learn more about James Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Most of the immigrants located in Arizona were being discriminated in their workplaces on the matter related to the low-income. Additionally, some immigrants deported due to the lack of the admittance to the legal services as documented in the constitution. The mission of the small organization funded by the Frontera Fund registered a lot of achievement.

The top managers of these group were trained on how to run their duties to foster the success of the unions in the field. The campaign on the freedom of right through various programs made the immigrants know their rights and championed them as a group.

One of the known organization that worked closely with the Frontera Fund was Justice for Immigrant Families. It advocated for the rights of the refugees, and currently, it has excel in addressing matters of 325,000 immigrants. The primary purpose of the Lacey and Larkin was to create a balanced society for all residents in Arizona.

Lacey and Larkin have contributed much on the matters of the human rights in the United States through the formation of Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund organization.

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Ever wonder ahow CEOs find success with their companies. You hear many stories about well known names, but what about the ones you never hear about? In this article you will know how CEO Bob Reina found himself in a position as CEO of a video marketing company, Talk Fusion.


Talk Fusion was founded back in 2007 with one of it’s premier products, Video Email. 20 years of experience marketing and direct selling has helped in forging the company’s success.


What qualities did Bob Reina have that helped him to become a leader in the marketing world? For starters, he has vision, he has charisma and always strives to help others. His appreciation for his community, friend, family and everyone else who helped him along the way shows when he’s giving back by donating to communities and charities from around the world.


These qualities that he has now as has always been there since he started his journey. He was a policeman for over ten years and would help direct traffic when off duty. He always knew he could do more. Despite his seemingly limited situation, he had a vision that guided him everyday.


It was while he was working his off duty job as a traffic director that he discovered the network marketing industry. It was as he described an ‘ah-ha’ moment. To him, it was as though everything clicked and he knew what he had to do. When you have a goal, it is easier to achieve it with a team than it is to do by yourself. And that is what Bob Reina did, he put together a mastermind group.


It didn’t workout the way he wanted it to, his company which consisted of his mastermind group, went under. But like with other stories of faliure, there were lessons to be learned. And those lessons proved to be valuable when one day, while shopping for a house to buy in North Carolina, he found one that he really wanted to show to his family who was in another state. For some reason AOL wouldn’t let him email a short video to them. And once again he had his eureka moment.


He was no computer nerd but that didn’t stop him. So he contacted a long time friend JOnathan Chan who was an IT expert. From there, they would come up with their premiere product, video email. If it wasn’t for his first company which was a failure, he wouldn’t have the knowledge necessary to market his product. Bob Reina knew just what to do. Not only did his own life changed but also those who were around him. Learn more:


No matter where you are at life, just look at the countless examples of how success can be achieved, you just have to keep moving and keep your eyes open in case that eureka moment hits you.