Felipe Jens Montoro is a highly resourceful man and has a mark in the development of infrastructure. The government has heavily relied on his valuable insight before embarking on mega projects. This has made him chair various executive position in boards and corporations.

He was very instrumental in helping Brazil recovery after the economic recession that hit the country. He found out that some public corporate was going south following the government inability to allocate enough funds to keep them running. To combat this, he proposed that privatization would help salvage the situation and sure to his word this has brought a paradigm shift. This arrangement birthed the Public Private Partnership. More about Felipe Montoro Jens at ideamensch.com

Felipe Jens Montoro, recently observed that civil projects ranging from waterways, roads, to special daycare projects had stalled. He established that technical problems, land disputes, construction works withdrawing among other things was the cause of this interruption. However, over and above this he found budgetary, financial and poor planning to be at the epitome of the halt. He advised the government to review their expenditure and allocate more funds to the sector. In the same vein, the project should be well planned out to avoid such happening in future as it is draining the country financially considering the projects do not in any way benefit the public.

About Felipe Jens Montoro

Felipe Jens Montoro is a finance and infrastructure expert from Brazil. He is an elite member of the society having studied Spanish and History, has a degree in Business Administration from the FundaoGetlio Vargas and a Master’s degree in Health Promotion and Kinesiology. He is also an alumnus of Oregon University, UC Santa Barbra and American Garvin School. Mr. Montoro has worked with many companies such as the Enel Group S.P.A, Maranon Energia SA, ConcessionariaInteroceanica Sur Tramo, Fonte Nova Negocios e Participacoes among others. Presently, he is the CEO of EnergiparCaptacao S.A.

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Lous Chenevert is a prominent Canadian Businessman. He is the president and the Chief Executive Officer of the United Technologies Corporation. Before this, he used to work in the Pratt & Whitney Company. As the CEO of UTC, he merged the two companies which are currently responsible for the growth and development of manufacturing in the United States. Chris is such a visionary leader such that he not only discovered that the two innovative companies were going to be good for business, but they would be good for the growth of suppliers in various businesses as well. If the only motive of a Chief Executive Officer were to grow and develop the bottom line of his firm, then he would experience results over the years. Chris knew that the suppliers of every company play a significant role in the thriving growth and development of the customer base and profits that lead to the benefit of everybody.

Currently, Pratt & Whitney is approximately 80 percent of the manufactured parts of the GTF which are being outsourced to many different suppliers whose most of them are based in the United States. Due to the visionary union, UTC has spent an extra 40 billion US Dollars with their United States suppliers in the last three years. Louis Chenevert was quite aware that investing in technology would help to grow and develop a company since the people within the company are highly innovative.

In the initial stages of Louis Chenevert in the reigns of the United Technologies Corporation, he know that the company would make attain no success unless his they invest in the company’s employees. The company used to encourage its employees to engage themselves in lifelong learning through Employee Scholar Program. This program has been useful in helping employees to earn themselves a degree in any career of their choice. The best part of the UTC it foots the entire fees for their employee’s courses. The UTC employees have earned more than 39000 degrees by utilizing the scholarship program. This amounts to a total investment of 1 billion US Dollars that Chenevert and the current Chief Executive Officer said that it was money well spent.


Bumble is a female dominated dating site. The site’s headquarters is based out of Austin, Texas and it is one of the world’s leading online dating portals. Bumble has been around for a short time. The site has well over 30 million registered users and most of them are under the age of 35. Bumble’s users are mainly female but there are plenty of guys on the site as well. Whitney Wolfe is Bumble’s founder and CEO.

When Whitney Wolfe started the Bumble site, she wanted to create a place where females are no longer threatened, harassed, marginalized or put down. She wanted a feminist orientated company that catered to women and what they have to offer. First, she set up Bumble to be a website where women made the first move. This was a truly different approach to the world dating. She was tired of men of having to wait around for men to approach them. She also included this action on her site because she wanted women to make the first move in all facets of their lives.

Whitney Wolfe wanted her staff to be predominantly female. She wanted her employees to be powerful women who are in charge. She hired her first three employees and together they helped to establish the foundation for Bumble’s workplace. Wolfe wanted her female employees to know that they could assert themselves in their work environment like men.

She also wanted her employees to know that they can ask for raises and compete for higher positions within the company. Bumble also created a very flexible workplace. Many of the women in this environment are mothers. Since they are, they need to have a working environment that will allow them to work part-time if needed, so they can take care of their kids and their homes. Whitney is very mindful of this. She gives her workers the flexibility they need to be working moms.

Ultimately, as CEO, she wants to create a new workplace culture. She wants a place for women to be taken care of and supported. Bumble is that type of environment. There are a few men who work at Bumble, and they are treated with equality and respect. Whitney Wolfe wants to make Bumble a great place for anyone (female or male) who decides to work for this dynamic company.