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NewsWatch TV started its beginnings in the 1990s providing programming that focused on the financial and economical issues of the times. Since then, NewsWatch TV has gone on to expand content to include a variety of topics that are of interest to the public, such as entertainment, travel, automotives, charities, technology, public policy and legals issues, and many more engaging topics. Although based in Washington, DC, NewsWatch TV has offices in New York City, Denver, Colorado, and Fairfax, Virginia, with content airing on various independent networks, as well as nationwide television networks from AMC Network to the ION Network.

Having aired more than 1,000 epsiodes to date, NewsWatch’s content continues to increase in richness and diversity, with is celebrity contributors including Will Smith, Denzel Washington, Bradley Cooper, Mila Kunis, Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Jennifer Lawrence, etc. NewsWatch has also collaborated with Fortune 500 technology companies from Sony to Audi to bring it’s viewers the best information currently trending the technology market. Their newest segment called “AppWstch” is one of their newest ventures, focusing on the latest in app technology for IOS, Android, and Windows devices.

NewsWatch TV has also won numerous awards and recognition with the organization most recently receiving the Gold and Platinum 2017 Marcom Award. They are also recipients of the 2017 Videographer Award and the 2016 Telly Award. Their influence continues to shine with continual multimedia impact, which was most recently highlighted in a review by their partnership with Ockel. NewsWatch successfully promoted a crowd funding campaign for Ockel promoting their new pocket sized Windows 10 PC technology and their wireless Advanca headphones. Due to the media outreach success of their products, Ockel is launching its third product, the Ockel Series 8, a complete desktop PC compacted into a mobile device, with NewsWatch TV leading the way.

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NGP VAN created a new app that has and continues to revolutionize how canvassing is done during the campaign period. The new app reduces the campaign field organizer’s workload by automating the process of cutting turf thus saving time and resources. The Distributed Canvassing tool will alter the workflow of canvas launching. At the moment, if a person wants to join in as a volunteer on a campaign, they have to contact the field organizer schedule an appointment to come to the office. The field organizer has to cut and print turf, the volunteers have to look at the list of voters, go canvass and in reality, contact the electors, the volunteers then have to bill the list back at the office, and the organizer finally has to record the data into the system.


Distributed canvass make works easier by cutting then distributing the turf so that the campaign organizer only has to create a universe, spell out the script he or she wants and the number of doors to be allocated to every individual. According to your campaigner’s exact location, the system cuts turf and makes a list number, and all that’s left is the distribution of the list number by the organizer.


Distributed canvassing was born from the idea of an app named Knock 10 that tried to eliminate the barriers involved in contacting the electors. The only challenge with the knock 10 app was that the organizers could not create their universe or scripts. Distributed Canvassing technology by NGP VAN is found in the MiniVan app which is an improved version of the knock 10 app. The technology saves time for the users since the volunteers can download the list from where they are, and the app automatically gets the closest doors. The campaigners are only able to see the turf once they fill in the list number. MiniVan and Distributed Canvassing also very useful when the volunteers are from another region because after creating a universe and a list number, canvassing can pretty much take place in an organized manner. This technology is available for those willing to be part of the beta curriculum.

Learn more about NGP VAN:


The software is socially progressive, and the NGP VAN Company participated in an awareness campaign, International Day Without Women, to show the importance of gender, social and economic equality at the workplace. The company is also able to provide data on voters to those running for electoral positions.

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Ever wonder ahow CEOs find success with their companies. You hear many stories about well known names, but what about the ones you never hear about? In this article you will know how CEO Bob Reina found himself in a position as CEO of a video marketing company, Talk Fusion.


Talk Fusion was founded back in 2007 with one of it’s premier products, Video Email. 20 years of experience marketing and direct selling has helped in forging the company’s success.


What qualities did Bob Reina have that helped him to become a leader in the marketing world? For starters, he has vision, he has charisma and always strives to help others. His appreciation for his community, friend, family and everyone else who helped him along the way shows when he’s giving back by donating to communities and charities from around the world.


These qualities that he has now as has always been there since he started his journey. He was a policeman for over ten years and would help direct traffic when off duty. He always knew he could do more. Despite his seemingly limited situation, he had a vision that guided him everyday.


It was while he was working his off duty job as a traffic director that he discovered the network marketing industry. It was as he described an ‘ah-ha’ moment. To him, it was as though everything clicked and he knew what he had to do. When you have a goal, it is easier to achieve it with a team than it is to do by yourself. And that is what Bob Reina did, he put together a mastermind group.


It didn’t workout the way he wanted it to, his company which consisted of his mastermind group, went under. But like with other stories of faliure, there were lessons to be learned. And those lessons proved to be valuable when one day, while shopping for a house to buy in North Carolina, he found one that he really wanted to show to his family who was in another state. For some reason AOL wouldn’t let him email a short video to them. And once again he had his eureka moment.


He was no computer nerd but that didn’t stop him. So he contacted a long time friend JOnathan Chan who was an IT expert. From there, they would come up with their premiere product, video email. If it wasn’t for his first company which was a failure, he wouldn’t have the knowledge necessary to market his product. Bob Reina knew just what to do. Not only did his own life changed but also those who were around him. Learn more: http://inspirery.com/bob-reina/


No matter where you are at life, just look at the countless examples of how success can be achieved, you just have to keep moving and keep your eyes open in case that eureka moment hits you.