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Sanjay Shah is a man with a vision and following it has made him a success. As the founder of Solo Capital, an international boutique financial services company, offering proprietary trading, consulting, and professional sports investments, Shah has proven that following your dreams can prove lucrative.
Shah spent his formative years in London when his parents moved his family from Kenya in 1960. After spending his boyhood in an upscale London neighborhood, he attended King’s College with the goal of obtaining a degree in medicine. Later finding that medicine wasn’t his calling he opted for accounting. Shah soon found the ten hour days and the long commute laborious and ungratifying. The financial crisis of 2008, which cost Shah his job at Rabobank, gave him the opportunity to get out of the accounting trade and start his own brokerage. Solo Capital started its humble beginnings in a small rented room in London. Under Shah’s guidance, the company eventually grew into a very profitable venture with offices in London and Dubai and assets well into the millions.
Shah’s success with Solo granted him to the opportunity to get involved in charitable works. He started by sponsoring children in India. When his youngest son was diagnosed with autism, Shah didn’t hesitate to use his success to establish his charity, Autism Rocks. Shah’s goal with Autism Rocks is to spread public Autism awareness and raise funds for research by organizing private concerts by well-known artists. Autism Rocks has hosted concerts featuring artists such as Elvis Costello, Lenny Kravitz, and the recently deceased Prince, which raised £200,000 for the charity. Shah felt that there wasn’t enough money going into research and became a trustee and director of the Autism Research Trust, which helps support Cambridge University’s Autism Research Centre’s efforts in the search for a cause.
Shah’s dedication to his vision and his charity will continue to benefit the fight for Autism Awareness and may one day be instrumental in finding a cure.



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