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Gulf Coast has been around for decades. They specialize in looking at the prospects that land holds when it comes to oil production. Oil is a very valuable commodity that exists all over the planet. It is a commodity that has generated countless amounts of wealth for individuals in search of work. Countries like Norway have been boosted up to the top in the world economy, and individuals have been given Certain land forms and rocks signal the presence of oil. Companies that look at oil prospects are well versed in what to look for when it comes to rocks and land forms.

Gulf Coast Western has shown their high level of know-how when it comes to methods of figuring out where oil is. They have also see a high level of know how in their business relations with various clients. The company has been in existence since 1970. The length of time that they have been around for shows how great they are when it comes to how they do business. They are very knowledgeable I various areas. The company employs somewhere between 51 and 200 people.

Gulf Coast Western cares about the future of the country because oil is a great provider of wealth. Also, having domestic oil reserves is a great way to keep America from volatile relations with other countries. Having a domestic oil supply keeps America from relying on other nations. It keeps America out of the business of other countries. American involvement in the Middle East has been frequently blamed on America’s appetite for Middle eastern oil (though there may have been other dynamics behind America’s involvement). The oil industry creates jobs and allows people to start and provide for families. America is already a post-industrialized—or somewhat post-industrialized—place where people are out of work.

Unique, prodigious, and creative man, Shiraz Boghani is the leader delegated for Splendid Hospitality Group in the United Kingdom. He is a businessman and accountant who won the prize in the year 2016 as a Hotelier of the Year by the Asia Business Award. Shiraz Boghani is a veteran and competent in matters dealing with hotels in addition to owning and managing 19 hotels of trading in the United Kingdom. Boghani has spent numerous years in the hospitality sector, hence the big experience. The passion of working in hotels is deep inside the man whereby the qualification of Chartered Accountant is given to him, and the proof he is considered as a progressive businessman. Find out more about Shiraz Boghani at Behance

Previously, he promulgated a beneficial project for the Bankside Hilton in London. He is a philanthropist and gives a lot of donations to a registered charity group in the United Kingdom, Foundation of Aga Khan, and the worldwide network Development. Shiraz Boghani has diversified his goal and centeredness as a hotelier and initiated Sussex Hospital which cares greatly for the elderly in addition to treating different individuals with learning or physical disabilities. The Sussex Hospital has been recognized internationally from its achievements and dedication of caring for the needy. Also, the facility is reliable and very committed to offering care to patients who are suffering from mental disorders.

Sussex Hospital extends its services to more than twenty various regions in the area of Sussex. The task of various centers is to provide services to the elderly and those challenged physically and mentally. Under the leadership of Shiraz, the facility has gone the extra mile by starting gym centers which are of great benefit to those seeking physical fitness. Every employee who is hired in Sussex Hospital is trained highly in a professional manner to provide satisfactory services to the patients.

Shiraz Boghani has desirable qualities of an effective leader who encourages collaboration, solidarity, and cultural competence at the workplace. He emphasizes a lot on client satisfaction and hates with passion whenever individuals complain due to poor services. Besides, he is a benevolent individual who has dedicated greatly to offer charity to the suffering and looked forward to bring transformation to the hotel industry in the UK.

Learn more: https://www.hospitalitynet.org/news/4075160.html


Fashion and makeup have always been two loves of Doe Deere. Her interest in style began early in her life. She began designing clothing for her followers that she grew to three million. She then launched a makeup brand called Lime Crime. Her followers loved her makeup tutorials so much they began to purchase her products. Today, she is one of the most well known founders in the makeup industry. She is a makeup founder that has a story that inspires many people wanting to follow their dreams. She is a fun loving, animal caring, business mind makeup maven. Her story has something to teach us all.

Before she became a celebrated founder and before she exited Lime Crime with a huge payout, she was a young girl living in Russia. The Russian born founder has never forgotten her roots. She still knew that she would not spend the rest of her life living in Russia. As a child, she dreamt of what life would be like living in the United States. One day she got her wish when her mother, sister and herself landed in America. They lived in New York City. This bustling city was something new for the immigrants to experience. It was a city that catered to the needs of many immigrants. It allowed immigrants to get the chance to create a place of opportunity for themselves. Doe Deere and her family were supported by their mother’s accountant career. This was a lucrative career for the family back in Russia. But America posed a set of problems for the newcomers. Money became an issue and the family had to work very hard to get back on their feet. Doe Deere began doing side jobs to make extra money for the family.

Doe Deere’s hustle and entrepreneurship began when she had to learn to help her family during the hard times they experienced in America. She eventually became a successful beauty founder with Lime Crime. Lime Crime has become the authority on fun-loving, radiating, highly pigmented, unicorn-infused makeup that has a cause to never test on animals.