Deirdre Baggot is a well-known and respected business strategist in the healthcare industry. her expertise lies in designing and implementing strategies that are meant to help hospitals decrease their costs while maintaining and further improving medical standards. She is a known academician with a degree in nursing from the Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville, an MBA from the Loyola University School of Business in Quinlan, and a Ph.D. from the Colorado University in the city of Denver. Find out more about Baggot at Beckers Hospital Review

Deirdre’s career journey

Deirdre Baggot kick started her career in 1977 with a job at the Memorial Hospital of North West. Her role at the North Western Memorial Hospital was managing the entire administration of the hospital. For six years she also played the role of staff nurse and resource coordinator. She then sought greener pastures in Michigan, Ann Arbor where she became part of the Michigan State University’s Health System. Her new role in the University became administrative management as well as analysis of the organization’s business. Deirdre performed her roles terrifically, earning herself an award for impeccable leadership and a Six Sigma Certification as well.

Two decades later, Deirdre relocated to the city of Denver where she accepted a job at the SCL Health’s Vascular and Cardiac Institute in Colorado as a senior administrator. This role put her in charge of close to 500 individuals. She took care of the institute’s advertising, drafting, contracting, procurement and all the overall business development strategies. In the half a decade that she worked in the institute, she was able to help it open 11 new clinic locations and added some incredible individuals to the staff. Her accomplishments earned her the senior vice president role in the Los Angeles GE Healthcare Partners.

Other accomplishments

Baggot has authored and published exceeding 20 papers on issues like healthcare reform, bundled payments and transformation in payment. She has a certificate in healthcare leadership. She was also appointed by the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services as an expert reviewer on the issues of bundled payments in healthcare. She is a former demonstrator for ACE and a regular speaker on the topic of bundled payment which has become her expertise.

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The company continued making strides in the provision of excellent services and after the Second World War, the company changed its name to Otto & Sons. Due to modernization experienced after the second world wars, the new restaurant started developing in Chicago. The first McDonald’s restaurant was opened in Chicago in 1955. The company signed an agreement with the Otto & Sons to supply them with meat. As such, this was the breakthrough of the company that would later transform into OSI Group. With the emergence of a cutting-edge technological advancement, the company was tasked with supplying McDonald’s restaurants with quality meat that would satisfy customer needs. The sprouting of restaurants across the world meant that the OSI Group would diversify ways of transporting quality food products over a long distance to reach the expanding market.
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In eastern nations there has been a health scare concerning the quality of food. There have been illnesses reported and quality standards have been brought into question. There are companies who have not taken the proper precautions in securing the safety of consumers. They have violated safety protocols and have created a scare among those citizens who love to eat meat. This has not been acceptable and companies like OSI Food Solutions have answered the call of the people by demanding other companies follow their lead in creating better standards for their consumers. OSI Food Solutions has created a new facility in Chicago and expanded its operational capacity in Spain. These additions are being made with the best technology for meat processing and the best specialists for inspection. Every piece of meat and chicken must pass a ten point quality inspection to ensure its suitability for human consumption. The quality standards that OSI Food Solutions imposes on its products is more advanced than 90% of competitors in the market.

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