Lous Chenevert is a prominent Canadian Businessman. He is the president and the Chief Executive Officer of the United Technologies Corporation. Before this, he used to work in the Pratt & Whitney Company. As the CEO of UTC, he merged the two companies which are currently responsible for the growth and development of manufacturing in the United States. Chris is such a visionary leader such that he not only discovered that the two innovative companies were going to be good for business, but they would be good for the growth of suppliers in various businesses as well. If the only motive of a Chief Executive Officer were to grow and develop the bottom line of his firm, then he would experience results over the years. Chris knew that the suppliers of every company play a significant role in the thriving growth and development of the customer base and profits that lead to the benefit of everybody.

Currently, Pratt & Whitney is approximately 80 percent of the manufactured parts of the GTF which are being outsourced to many different suppliers whose most of them are based in the United States. Due to the visionary union, UTC has spent an extra 40 billion US Dollars with their United States suppliers in the last three years. Louis Chenevert was quite aware that investing in technology would help to grow and develop a company since the people within the company are highly innovative.

In the initial stages of Louis Chenevert in the reigns of the United Technologies Corporation, he know that the company would make attain no success unless his they invest in the company‚Äôs employees. The company used to encourage its employees to engage themselves in lifelong learning through Employee Scholar Program. This program has been useful in helping employees to earn themselves a degree in any career of their choice. The best part of the UTC it foots the entire fees for their employee’s courses. The UTC employees have earned more than 39000 degrees by utilizing the scholarship program. This amounts to a total investment of 1 billion US Dollars that Chenevert and the current Chief Executive Officer said that it was money well spent.


There are many products promise to help women look years young. However, one health products company has gained thousands of followers thanks to their popular wrinkle removal cream. That company, Jeunesse Global, is winning fans around the world with their Instantly Ageless youth rejuvenating cream application.

What is Instantly Ageless?

Instantly Ageless is a skin cream that is designed to remove wrinkles, treat laugh lines and remove bags under the eyes. The product comes in a package which contains several small tubes. The product can be applied to the face with one finger. Once the product is applied, the cream will be to work on the skin to get the desired result in under one minute. Below are the areas of the face that can be enhanced with Instantly Ageless. The cream is designed to provide results for 6 to 9 hours.

  1. Forehead Wrinkles

For best results, the product is applied across the entire forehead. The product will begin to remove any aging lines on the forehead.

  1. Eyebrows

The cream can create an instantly brow lift when applied above the natural brow line.

  1. Hooded Eyes

To treat hooded eyes, the cream is applied right above the natural eyebrow.

  1. Under-Eye Bags & Crows Feet

To remove bags under the eyes, the cream is applied under the eye and right above the cheek.

  1. Facial Pores

If there are any pores on the face, Instantly Ageless can help treat those pores with a simple application to the target area.

About Jeunesse Global

For over a decade, Jeunesse Global has sold millions of health and beauty products around the world. Through their network of direct selling partners, Jeunesse Global has been able to expand to hundreds of markets in dozens of countries. Among the products available from Jeunesse Global include Luminesce anti-aging skin care, NV skin primer, foundation and bronzer, AM & PM Essentials supplements, Reserve antioxidant supplements, and Zen Body weight management supplements.


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Based in Connecticut, Southridge Capital provides some of the most desirable and innovative financial solutions aimed at meeting the needs of its diverse list of clients. Just recently, the company redefined its structure to serve its clients better.




With a re-energized brand, Southridge Capital can now offer more than before. Currently, the company generates slightly more than $47.5 million in revenues. The firm currently has 241 employees though it has to contend with a number of competitors who are in the same field of operation. For more details visit Bloomberg.




With more than two decades of experience, Southridge Capital takes pride in having gained the much-needed industry experience. Besides its capability to customize financial plans based on the needs of its customers, the company also has experience in offering business solutions to more than 200 companies. In fact, those companies on the path of growth can depend on Southridge for financial advice.




Southridge Steven Hick’s IdeaMensch Interview




Not so long ago, Southridge’s CEO, Steven Hicks was interviewed on a wide range of issues by a crowdsourced interview forum/platform for makers, doers, and entrepreneurs known as IdeaMensch. Hicks had a lot to say. Here is a brief recap of some of his answers. You can check out Crunchbase for more.




When asked where the idea of Southridge came from and how his typical day looks like, Mr. Hicks responded that the idea started at a small NY hedge fund that was almost collapsing after the owner decided to move back to Australia. His typical day begins by making a list of things he and his staff needs to accomplish.




On being asked regarding the current trend that excites him and the habit that makes him productive, Hicks responded by saying that currently cryptocurrency excites him and focus on cash proceeds excites him. Mr. Hicks was further asked insightful questions to which he confidently replied to. For instance, he recommends a lot of people to read a book titled “Titan” in addition to advising people to seriously think about cryptocurrency as this is the next big thing.


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