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Mr. Ian King is well known as an entrepreneur and proficient trader who has twenty-year career in the field of varied investment trading. Ian King has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Lafayette College. Mr. King’s financial career has included his work as a hedge fund manager in New York; the head of an oil business in Western Pennsylvania near the Marcellus Shale, the largest natural gas field in the world; and co-founder of a nonprofit health education in the South Asian countries of India and Pakistan.

Adding to his accomplishments, in 2017 Ian King was made a contributing cryptocurrency expert editor at Banyan Hill. Banyan Hill Publishing is known around the world as an all-encompassing publication that contains information on company economic reports, provides investment ideas, investing predictions, financial regulations, growth trends, and so much more.

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Cryptocurrency is the new digital money currency that is making inroad into the future of selling and buying according to plus.google.com. The crypto market is simply confusing, yet this form of invisible currency is taking the world closer and closer to a cashless society. One such star of cryptocurrency is ‘bitcoin,’ which is currently being traded all around the world.

Editorial Director Mr. Jeff L. Yastine knew that it was time for a cryptocurrency guru to be a part of Banyan Hill. Mr. Yastine said that Ian King had the background and experience in forecasting cryptocurrency movements. He said Ian was the founder of Intellicoins, a company that informed and advised daily cryptocurrency investors. Prior to Intellicoins, Ian King was the head trader at Peahi Capital in New York City where he excelled in long and short equity funds. Ian has remained in the financial industry with earlier internship at Salomon Brothers and Citigroup.

Mr. King’s future at Banyan Hill will be to produce a cryptocurrency trading course and start an investment crypto advisory service. Currently, Ian King is a weekly contributor on cryptocurrency developments and posting his articles on Banyan Hill’s Sovereign Investor Daily. Ian King has always had a passion in learning more about the cryptocurrency markets which is why he is looking forward to working with Banyan Hill Publications for some time.

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