June 16, 2015 · Dave Grohl · 1 comment

Dave Grohl has been an icon in the music industry for more than two decades now, and further bolstered his commitment to his craft by playing a concert with an injured foot. Apparently, sometimes the old adage “break a leg” is more literal than not.

On June 12 during a concert in Sweden, the Foo Fighters singer fell from the stage and injured his foot. Normally, sustaining an injury during a performance would mean an end to the show. For Grohl and the rest of the Fighters, that was not the case. Grohl left the stage to tend to his foot, while the rest of the band covered vocals and continued playing. If that wasn’t enough, Grohl later came back onstage and resumed his gig from a chair while having his foot bandaged reports Steve Murray in an article in the New York Post.

While some artists may cancel a show for being sick or sustaining an injury during practice, it appears that Dave Grohl will not. Grohl is dedicated to what he does and who he does it for, and no one can argue his tenacity. There goes my hero, indeed.