May 17, 2018 · Book, Dystopia · (No comments)

Sean Penn is a celebrated actor with a hundred productions tucked into his belt. He has graced the stage, marked the silver screen, and worked behind the camera. He has earned numerous accolades, top among them being a few best actor Oscars. Penn has even spent time as a corresponded, nabbing some important interviews. He is also known for his philanthropy, most recently with the Haitian Relief Organization he formed after the 2010 earthquake. This year he has hung up all those collective hats to put on a new one. Novelist. His first book “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” has already led many critics to suggest the actor go back to acting. Penn, however, is loving the writer’s life and is planning on publishing more books. According to him he is done with being an actor.

Penn is not the first actor to become disenchanted with the movie business. Many actors young and old have retired and moved on to other things. For some it is lack of roles, for others it is the entire business itself. Penn says his reasoning is actually a recognition. He is done with collaboration. The movie business is rife with collaboration. Nothing is 100% yours. You have to deal with collaboration on the script, the direction, even the production. It is also a lot of give and take, as you have to jump through hoops to gain financial backing. Penn is done jumping through those hoops. One thing he loves about the book-making business is that when you finish something you just hand it to one person. You do not even give it to them, you let them look at it, and if they like it they publish it. Bob Honey allows Penn to be completely Penn, produce something that it is all his.

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is a satire that focuses on a ridiculous premise. It follows a septic tank salesmen, disgruntled by politics, who decides to help the world by becoming an assassin. He targets old people, taking them out with a mallet, to lessen the population on earth. The characters political motivations are of course Penn’s, and the book contains his take on many things. His primary targets are the Trump Organization, which he parodies in the book, and the #MeToo movement. His comments about #MeToo have stirred up some controversy. Penn critiques it scathingly in a six-page poem. The actor has remained unapologetic, defending his work by simply stating it’s a satire. The actor is currently on a book tour and is reportedly enjoying every minute of it. When asked if he planned on writing more, the actor said he has something brewing.