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Matt did not watch the three part series made by Glenn Beck about George Soros Nazi. However, from the transcripts, he was able to know much about the subject. Having lived in Budapest for three years and another five in Bratislava and Prague, Matt understands what is to be a son of the free world. This way, one should cheer the person who managed to put on a brave face despite the murderous totalitarian state. Instead of looking at how people survived the hardships, others are keen on tossing decency when analyzing a hate figure. Matt believes that George Soros had to pretend to be someone else because of watching people going to their deaths. This situation requires adequate therapy to heal from such a trauma.

According to Beck, George enjoyed sending the Jews to their death. Over the years, there have been many conspiracy theories about George Soros. Beck analyzes Soros’ open society wrongly. George is accused of collapsing regimes using the Open Society fund besides helping the Czech Republic’s Velvet Revolution. George is also associated with the Ukrainian Orange Revolution, Georgia’s Rose Revolution and engineering coups in Yugoslavia, Croatia and Slovakia. It is not known whether Soros favors the Fabian side or the Hayek side. The philosopher of the open society, Karl Popper, was a big influence on George Soros.

Before he graduated from the London School of Economics back in 1952, George studied critique of totalitarianism, The Open Society and Its Enemies, as well as the philosophy, which were Karl Popper’s works. The Open Society and Its Enemies maintain that no ideology or philosophy has the monopoly of truth. In addition, the critique of totalitarianism asserts that societies can flourish when they embrace freedom of expression, respect for individual rights, democratic governance and diverse range of opinions.

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Glenn Beck’s Ridiculous Misreading of George Soros Might Not Be As Inappropriate As Busting a 14-Year-Old’s Balls for How He Behaved During the Holocaust, But It Still Sets Back the Cause of Human Understanding

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Glenn Beck was drawing on the tradition of anti-Semitic attacks when he accused George Soros of running a shadow government with the sole purpose of destroying the American political system. George is of Hungarian and Jewish origin. According to Beck, through his presentation, The Puppet Master, a single person is responsible for operating behind the scenes with the view of controlling history. Beck depicts Soros to be at the middle of collapsing economies, stolen elections, falling regimes, worthless currencies and creating shadow governments. Beck does not tell the truth when he accuses Soros of running a foundation that sponsors coups and implies that he plans to carry out a coup in the United States.

In actual sense, through the Open Society, George has given support to different democracy movements around the globe. Beck insinuates that Soros is anti-Semitic. Beck accuses Soros of taking over the properties of their dead Jewish neighbors. In reality, Soros walked in the estate and rode a horse. Soros, then 13 years old, never took any property from the Holocaust victims or any person. In politics, conspiracy theories may be dangerous. By analyzing Beck’s accusations, it is clear that major networks have used anti-Semitic charges in a premeditated manner.

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George Soros is among the richest people in the United States of America. Not long ago, the billionaire said that the economy in China is full of debts, and it resembles what was happening in the United States in the year 2007 before the international financial crisis took place. The financial crisis was originating from the US, and it gradually spread to the rest of the world, bringing serious financial issues to the international community.

According to the billionaire, the credit figures from the country that show the growth of the economy are clearly showing a lot of bad signs, and he is warning investors to be extremely careful when making their investments. According to some recent reports from the country on Bloomberg, the government of China has been prioritizing the growth of the economy over the amount of debt it has accumulated.

The Hungarian born investor says that the current issues that are being experienced in China have all the resemblance to what took place in the United States before the financial crisis that affected the whole world in the year 2007 up to 2009. According to George Soros, the amount of money that is being supplied by the banks is required to keep the loss making and bad debts enterprises alive.

George Soros is very wealthy. He has made all his wealth in the United States after relocating from England where he went for his education. His fortune is estimated to be about twenty-four billion dollars. Immediately after making these remarks about China, The China government has been on his neck, exchanging words that he is wrong about the comments.

However, these remarks have not made the billionaire to change his mind. According to him, the banking system in the country at the moment has more loans that the deposits it is getting. He also believes that there are a lot of problems on the assets side and also in the liabilities side. For a developing country like China, getting a positive interest rate will be a huge challenge at the moment, and he asks investors to be careful this time around to avoid getting serious losses.

George Soros is the Founder of the Soros Foundation. This company deals with several investments, and it has given him a lot of wealth since it was started years ago. He is also the founder of Open Society, a charitable organization that has done a lot in different nations in the world. His organization plays a major role in over one hundred nations in the world. In South Africa, the Open Society helped the black young students to get quality education, and in other African nations, prisoners managed to get justice thanks to the organization. He is also active in the politics, giving massive amounts of donations to support candidates in the elections.

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At an economic forum earlier this year held in Sri Lanka, George Soros told the attendees of the forum that investors need to proceed cautiously with their investments. China is presently scrambling to uncover a financial growth model. Their present currency devaluation is spreading throughout the world, thus having dramatic effects on worldwide finances, similar to the results felt in 2008.

China is experiencing a loss of economic strength. During the first few weeks of 2016, China experienced the yuan sinking causing questionable resilience of China’s economic strength as it shifts toward consumption and services, away from investment and manufacturing as more than $2.5 trillion was diminished from the value of global equities. Soros sees China’s current problem as a potential crisis similar to the crisis experienced in 2008, and possibly more serious.

The Communist Party of China on Bloomberg.com pledges to increase the yuan by the year 2020 while dismantling capital controls during the process. As the economic crisis increases its velocity, gold surfaces as the most secure investment. The bricks of gold bullion have been dusted off ready for future investing, and gold sales will be again rising with prices rising. Investors are advised to check the gold and silver dealers for the purity of products closely, and only buy the purest of gold and silver and platinum. With the global markets facing a crisis, investors must be prudent in their investment selections. George Soros alerts investors and follows his advice.

George Soros began his career in economics, graduating from New England University with a degree in finance. As a young man, he moved to the United States and began building his financial empire as a Hedge-Fund Broker, opening the Soros Fund Management in 1969. Since that year, he has built the Soros business to be a leader in financial investments.

Soros believes in philanthropy and building opportunities for education. Soros has written several books on economics and philanthropy on theatlantic.com. At the age of 80-years old, he is concerned that the spirit of the “Open Society Foundations” will lose momentum. His staff feel very different about this situation as they share his ideas and beliefs, and plan to continue promoting his ideas and beliefs keeping this philanthropic George Soros dream alive.

They are searching for a replacement for the existing president of the foundation. Current President, Aryeh Neier will step down within the next few months, and the new replacement will not only replace Neier but replace George Soros, who is planning to limit his involvement and time working in the business and hopefully enjoy some free possibly relaxing time.