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The Kabbalah Centre makes it easy for their students to connect with one another. Through meeting face to face locally and even reaching out to other students who are miles apart, there are endless opportunities to connect. The diversity that The Kabbalah Centre consists of today is truly a gift, and teachers, students, and Kabbalah Centre organizers admire the ability of The Kabbalah Centre to be able to reach so many different types of people and create positive change in their lives.

The teachers are equally appreciative of students who are able to assist in sharing the messages for some of these students who may not be able to fully understand certain languages. The Kabbalah Centre makes it possible for their current students to provide unconditional kindness to their fellow classmates through The Kabbalah University Subtitle Team. There are two different roles in which The Kabbalah Centre allows their students to serve one another through The Kabbalah University Subtitle Team: translators and transcribers.

The Kabbalah University translators translate English transcripts into the specific language that is needed which represents one of the many different languages of students who are a part of The Kabbalah Centre. Kabbalah University transcribers convert text from video content into subtitles that are in English. Both the translators and transcribers are provided with support from technical training and continuous assistance. Given the continual growth of diversity in The Kabbalah Centre and study groups everywhere, translators and transcribers have become an essential part of The Kabbalah Centre’s volunteer group.

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If you are looking to improve your child’s learning experience, then perhaps utilize the ClassDojo app may greatly assist you in your efforts. You may choose to encourage school and classroom values with the utilization of the map. Student stories is a feature that is available on the app which is essential student-led digital portfolios. Students may add videos and photos of their work to their particular story and choose to share them with their parents. Moments that occur in the classroom are also capable of being shared with parents. Teachers have abilities of keeping students’ parents updated by sharing videos and photos. The app can be used on any device and on any language. Parents are able to translate messages into any language with ClassDojo with a simple tap. Parents and teachers may choose to private message one another with the app and they are not required to exchange phone numbers if they decide to do so.

If you are not quite sure about whether ClassDojo can be beneficial to you for your use, please do not hesitate to contact a representative who is able to assist and/or guide in using it at the customer service contact. You will quickly realize that it is indeed an app that can and should be used by all teachers and parents. It has been made with elements of design that a simplistic, thus making it easy to navigate through.  Based on,  it is an app that can truly change the way education curriculum is formed and could bring many positive results to students’ learning processes. Ultimately, it is the students and their families who will be able to benefit from the utilization of the ClassDojo app, thus, making it an option that all schools should consider implementing into their programs.