Clay Hutson is a businessman and entertainment specialist. Clay has always enjoyed taking on entrepreneurial pursuits and today he has his very own production company. Alongside his own company, Clay is a leading entertainment producer for live shows, acting as a stage and sound manager for nearly all of his events. Clay has had the privilege of working in the live entertainment industry for nearly twenty years and he is well-respected throughout Hollywood and the entertainment industry. When celebrities need to make sure their live performances go well, they call Clay Hutson.

If there was a downside to Clay’s work, it would be that he normally doesn’t get the credit for what he does. Not because it goes to someone else, but because most of the time people are unaware that he is the one working in the background to make everything go smoothly. Clay Hutson has extensive experience in the entertainment field alongside acting as a stage manager. When it comes to live entertainment, there isn’t much that Clay doesn’t do, touching on all areas of production, especially sound as he is also an audio engineer.

Over the years, Clay managed to build up his knowledge of business and running a production company and started off one of his own without the need to get a bunch of degrees and focus on business. Clay uses his passion and experience to guide him through the day when it comes to being a production manager at his company. Most people are unaware, but Clay is the man responsible for some of the best live entertainment events and shows in the past decade. He has put together stages for many different famous artists, including Lady Gaga, Guns N’ Roses, and Kid Rock. Clay’s creativity and eye for detail allow him to make virtually all aspects of stage production perfect.

Fashion and makeup have always been two loves of Doe Deere. Her interest in style began early in her life. She began designing clothing for her followers that she grew to three million. She then launched a makeup brand called Lime Crime. Her followers loved her makeup tutorials so much they began to purchase her products. Today, she is one of the most well known founders in the makeup industry. She is a makeup founder that has a story that inspires many people wanting to follow their dreams. She is a fun loving, animal caring, business mind makeup maven. Her story has something to teach us all.

Before she became a celebrated founder and before she exited Lime Crime with a huge payout, she was a young girl living in Russia. The Russian born founder has never forgotten her roots. She still knew that she would not spend the rest of her life living in Russia. As a child, she dreamt of what life would be like living in the United States. One day she got her wish when her mother, sister and herself landed in America. They lived in New York City. This bustling city was something new for the immigrants to experience. It was a city that catered to the needs of many immigrants. It allowed immigrants to get the chance to create a place of opportunity for themselves. Doe Deere and her family were supported by their mother’s accountant career. This was a lucrative career for the family back in Russia. But America posed a set of problems for the newcomers. Money became an issue and the family had to work very hard to get back on their feet. Doe Deere began doing side jobs to make extra money for the family.

Doe Deere’s hustle and entrepreneurship began when she had to learn to help her family during the hard times they experienced in America. She eventually became a successful beauty founder with Lime Crime. Lime Crime has become the authority on fun-loving, radiating, highly pigmented, unicorn-infused makeup that has a cause to never test on animals.

Lous Chenevert is a prominent Canadian Businessman. He is the president and the Chief Executive Officer of the United Technologies Corporation. Before this, he used to work in the Pratt & Whitney Company. As the CEO of UTC, he merged the two companies which are currently responsible for the growth and development of manufacturing in the United States. Chris is such a visionary leader such that he not only discovered that the two innovative companies were going to be good for business, but they would be good for the growth of suppliers in various businesses as well. If the only motive of a Chief Executive Officer were to grow and develop the bottom line of his firm, then he would experience results over the years. Chris knew that the suppliers of every company play a significant role in the thriving growth and development of the customer base and profits that lead to the benefit of everybody.

Currently, Pratt & Whitney is approximately 80 percent of the manufactured parts of the GTF which are being outsourced to many different suppliers whose most of them are based in the United States. Due to the visionary union, UTC has spent an extra 40 billion US Dollars with their United States suppliers in the last three years. Louis Chenevert was quite aware that investing in technology would help to grow and develop a company since the people within the company are highly innovative.

In the initial stages of Louis Chenevert in the reigns of the United Technologies Corporation, he know that the company would make attain no success unless his they invest in the company‚Äôs employees. The company used to encourage its employees to engage themselves in lifelong learning through Employee Scholar Program. This program has been useful in helping employees to earn themselves a degree in any career of their choice. The best part of the UTC it foots the entire fees for their employee’s courses. The UTC employees have earned more than 39000 degrees by utilizing the scholarship program. This amounts to a total investment of 1 billion US Dollars that Chenevert and the current Chief Executive Officer said that it was money well spent.