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Fabletics, an athleisure fashion brand, was founded in 2013 and since then it has experienced rapid growth that has seen it turn into a $250 million company. There is one major factor that has set Fabletics apart from its competitors and allowed it to gain such a significant market share; crowdsourcing.


Fabletics firmly grasped the idea that in today’s highly digital world, consumers turn to crowd-sourced reviews to gauge the quality and authenticity of a product and to determine whether to make a purchase or not. Fabletics has managed to leverage the power of customer reviews to its advantage. The company has an excellent customer service that is always on hand to reply to customer queries and issues. It believes not only in quality but also in satisfying the customer needs by giving them exactly what they want. To do so, the company has invested a lot into using its customer reviews to improve its services through the collection of data that is used to ensure better reviews from the customers, and this has paid off hugely.


For Fabletics, the pay-offs have been seen with the benefits that come with getting lots of positive customer reviews. Consumers today trust reviews more than they trust traditional methods of advertising. A consumer will believe an online review almost as if the review was from a personal friend. Once trust is established between a business and its customers, the revenue automatically goes up, and this has been the case for Fabletics.


Positive reviews will lead to more customers purchasing your product while negative reviews will drive consumers away from your products. Positive reviews have also assisted the company into retaining its consumer base and having repeat buys which have considerably boosted the company’s revenue and enabled it to make massive profits in such a short time. Positive reviews also result in improved search ranking as some of the review sites are Google Review Partners, this, in turn, will lead to the company generating more sales which result in still more positive reviews. Fabletics is now ahead of its competitors in the market, and it is projected to get more significant revenue as a result of focusing on online customer reviews and ensuring they follow up on the suggestions given which have seen them get a lot of positive reviews and acquire a loyal customer base.


Kate Hudson, who is also a Hollywood actress, firmly believes in the brand and its products. She represents what the brand stands for which is inspiring and empowering women to bring out the best in them. Kate also wears the brand product herself, and she is firmly involved in the company’s day to day running from reviewing budgets to the design process and in choosing the social media strategy. Hudson has also gone out of her way to ensure excellent communication is achieved between the company and its consumers, and she has faced negative press from other celebrities and the press, but she has stood firm with the company and ensured its continued success.


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In a recent Bustle article, one writer decided to test the buzzed-about WEN hair care line by Chaz Dean. Her week-long experiment on fine hair revealed how well WEN hair Cleansing Conditioner really worked.

Upon her first use, the writer noticed that her hair felt thicker and stronger right away. She also noticed it felt shiny, bouncy, and clean. She noticed that her roots got greasy by morning, but immediately became shiny and voluminous again upon using WEN. Her hair was well-conditioned, which made it harder to hold curls. However, besides being harder to style, WEN made her hair easier to work with, full of volume, and super shiny, so much so that even her friends complimented her on it.

WEN by Chaz Dean is a unique line of no-lather hair care products. Rather than using a sudsy formula that coats and damages hair, the signature Cleansing Conditioner makes hair shiny, soft, and manageable. This product saves you money since it acts as a 5-in-1 shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, deep conditioner, and detangler. It comes in tons of delicious scents from lavender to fig and works on all hair types and textures. Along with the Cleansing Conditioner, the WEN line also includes styling cream, mousse, intensive hair treatment, and more. To purchase Wen hair care products, simply visit, or thru


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There are a lot of men shoes on the market today. There are too many to name so that is why a lot of men will just check the web to see what is trending. The styles are always changing and a lot of people are interested in finding out what the next types of shoes will be. The best thing that one can do is follow the trends that are currently in place.

Paul Evans, for example, is one of the top italian shoes designer brands. Men that want high quality will become fans of this brand of shoes. It has become one of the most fashionable brands around. This is mainly because it has such a high volume of requests from people that want the leather that is handcrafted. This is one of the most interesting types of shoes for those that want to get those shoes that will last for a long time. This direct-to-customer footwear is what has become one of the most promising aspects in footwear today. Paul Evans has high quality leather in oxford and loafer styles. All of these different types of shows have become very popular with the new age of young consumers that are willing to pay more for quality.

The two tone shoes have become very trendy for a lot of men. There are shoes for men that have different shades that are also popular. The loafers used to be popular in 1984 when Michael Jackson wore these shoes for a lot for stage performances. These shoes are becoming popular again, but the dressy boots are becoming one of the most popular styles for men. These dressy boots may be possible to wear for casual work and a night out on the town. This is why the Paul Evans brand has become so popular. There are a large number of brands that have become rather stylish for different environments.

The shoes created by Michael Kors are getting a lot of recognition, but Cole Haan may be one of the most popular brands in retail stores. Paul Evans is a dominant online player because this brand provides what is called an upscale shoe brand. These shoes are not found in stores, but this is what makes more people request these shoes.

As time progresses there are a lot of people that are discovering a multitude of different brands. The suede style has been replaced by leather in many cases, but there are still some styles that are trending in the suede shoe market. There are also some other trending shoes in the form of slip on shoes that are popular. Sketchers makes the majority of these casual shoes without laces for shoppers.

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What have we always been taught about makeup? That it is just supposed to be used for making us look just a little better? Cover up our blemishes, maybe a little acne, cover up our birth marks and make us look a little younger, boring stuff like that. It never occurred to us that makeup could be used for anything else. Well now there are companies that are saying we should be using it for other things like expressing ourselves, giving us different looks for different moods, looking different for different looks, different styles. Have one look for work, another look for casual, do a little more for when we are going out, one look for daytime, another look for evening. How about a look for when we feel sexy, another look for sporty days, a down day, an up day or just a funky day? You can do make any number of ways because there are so many types of makeup, so many variations, different colors, shades. You can use more or use less, put different combinations together. There are so many different kinds of makeup out there that there is no limit to what you can do.

There is a website you should really try out that has all types of fun makeup called Lime Crime on dollskill. The company was started by a lady by the name of Doe Deere. She said she didn’t really see anything out there that was really exciting and fun so she decided to start something herself that would give girls something different from the normal. She has a line of lipsticks that go on liquid and then become matte and come in fourteen fabulous colors. There are all kinds of different shades on Lime Crime of pink, purple, red, brown and black, there is also a variety of regular lipsticks in different shades. They offer an assortment of lip glosses that are sparkly and fun and they have a palette box of different eyeshadows, liquid eyeliners, and glitters to try a jazz up your usual makeup look. These are all different colors, far from the usual mix of colors you are used to. For the nails it gets even more fun, there are five different fun colors that you can mix and match, crème, pink, blue, green, and peaches. She shows you all kinds of ideas for patterns, artwork, and fun stuff you can do with the different colors.

Doe even has a blog where she talks to people about her makeup and does tutorials of how you can use her makeup. There are fun stories, pictures, ideas, articles about what is going on in their offices and all kinds of other stuff. She has a fan page where she has pictures that fans have sent her of them using her products and all the fun things they have come up when.