June 1, 2017 · Financial Adviser · (No comments)

AXA Advisors is a reputable firm that is recognized for the exceptional finance services that it provides. The company has mainly specialized in global insurance and assisting its customers in managing their investments. It currently has offices in regions such as Middle East, Western Europe, Africa, and North America. The business has been performing well in the market for the past eight years, and its growth rate has been about 14 percent per annum. It is also regarded as the leading enterprise in the industry. AXA Advisors has been providing finance solutions that facilitate the success of businesses and individuals. It also ensures that its clients become financially secure.


The great accomplishment of the firm in the markets has been facilitated by multiple mergers and acquisitions that it has made. AXA was founded in 1895, and since then, it has bought enterprises such as Guardian Royal Exchange, Equitable, Winterthur Group, as well as Sun Life & Provincial Holdings. It is also committed to financing various charitable undertakings. It started AXA Research Fund in 2008, and the organization has offered its support to various projects that determine and solve issues that are dangerous to the environment and human life.


Vincent Parascandola is an accomplished specialist in the finance world. He has been serving the sector for over two decades and has held various leading positions. Vincent currently works at AXA Advisors’ finance unit as its senior executive VP. He has majored in services such as enhancing the skills of finance professions, management development, and recruitment strategies. Parascandola is an alumnus of the New York-based Pace University. He got his first job at Prudential and was later offered a chance to serve as one of MONY Life Insurance’s agents. The firm appreciated him for his excellent work, and he was promoted to act as an executive.


Parascandola was later appointed to be the president of the Advantage Group. The firm is a division of the AXA Equitable and has been focused on finance professionals. Vincent served the company for a short while before moving to AXA Advisors. His career accomplishments have enabled him to be honored by being offered awards such as the Master Agency Awards.