Robert Ivy has achieved more than any other architect with his Lifetime Achievement Award. The Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award that was presented to him on June 2nd by the Mississippi Institute of Letters and Art has seen him join the ranks of Morgan Freeman and acclaimed author Shelby Foote who have won the award in the past years. He was honored together with Andrew Young, a stained-glass designer. The award was established to recognize and appreciate artists from Mississippi who have astonishing works of art and show immense support for art. Several people congratulated the American Institute of Architects CEO, Robert Ivy on his achievement including Nancy LaForge.

The director of the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters said that Ivy’s efforts of making architecture accessible to the public deserved to be honored. His colleagues at the American Institute of Architects also expressed their delight and pride in Ivy for bagging the prestigious Noel Polk Award. In a press release, Carl Elefante, the organization’s president poured his admiration for Robert Ivy and alluded that he was the represented the architectural profession well in his work. Ever since he joined the American Institute of architects, Robert Ivy has worked tirelessly to ensure that the influence of the organization spreads globally. It has recorded the highest number of members under his great leadership.

Ivy is a devoted and skilled leader who has inspired productivity at the organization. Before he became part of the American Institute of Architects, he was a senior editor for a journal called the architectural Record at McGraw Hills. He was able to influence many people through the journal, and it became one of the most circulated architectural journals in the world. He steered the journal to win many awards including the National Magazine Award for General Excellence. Robert Ivy is an author and international speaker whose publication ‘Fay Jones Architect’ is in its third edition. He was declared Master architect by the National architect Body for his outstanding works. He also has a Dean’s Medal from the Arkansas University. Ivy holds a master’s degree in architecture from Tulane University.

Equities First Holdings is a leading equities-based provide with headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana. The offices in Indiana were opened in 2002 when the company was established by financial expert Al Christy. One of the things he did when he opened these offices was to ensure that the operations of the company were designed in such a way that it would serve the interest of the people who were most likely to miss financing from the commercial banks due to the regulations which had been set up to deal with the economic crises that had hit the world at the time. The scenario has not yet changed as commercial banks continue to offer loans to a limited group of people who have huge wealth already.

Startups and individuals with low credit ratings have no chance with the commercial banks. So, Equities Fists Holdings services are coming at a time when world needs the services very much.Equities First Holding have only about 15 years in the business and the reception is great. Many people are attracted to their services since they are designed to help the startups and small scale businesses which are establishing themselves and has huge potential of growing into big business organizations in the future.


Richard Dwayne Blair has been designing customized financial plans for his clients since he founded Wealth Solutions in 1994. His strong expertise in all matters relating to personal finance enables him to help his clients get on stronger monetary grounds. He is able to help them with retirement planning and wealth management to meet all of their needs for an expert in these critical areas.

The procedure that Blair follows has been named the Three Pillars Approach and it designs and implements strategic plans in all phases of personal finance. This comprehensive approach covers all of life’s eventualities and surprises which spring up out of nowhere.

The First Pillar is concerned with determining each client’s particular roadmap according to their financial goals. Ascertaining a client’s tolerance for risk is an important part of this process. This factor helps Richard Dwayne Blair figure out the best opportunities for growth that is in line with the client’s preferences. He also takes into consideration their financial strengths and goals to create a clear roadmap.

Financial plans should always be primarily long-range plans and this is what comprises the Second Pillar. Blair helps his clients fashion an investing strategy that fits them nicely over longer time horizons. He is an active manager for them and uses his experience and expertise to balance their investments according to ever-changing market conditions. He takes into account their goals and helps them determine the right level of liquidity.

Another crucial consideration for modern financial life is having in place the right insurance plans for life and health. This is the Third Pillar and Blair is quite good at helping his clients plan for the sometimes unpredictable nature of life. His skills in this area allow him to give clients a peace of mind as they know that the right coverage is in place.

Richard Dwayne Blair has always had a high regard for the teachers in his family and considers himself one as well. He’s passionate about personal finance and teaching others solid principles that can help them for a lifetime. He faithfully serves his clients in the greater Austin, Tx. area.