July 23, 2018 · Business, Food · (No comments)

OSI Industries has had a pattern of growth that is stunning in the food business. They started out as a buther’s shop with a man and his two sons. The company has grown exponentially since they opened at the turn of the 20th Century. Look below to learn what OSI Industries has done to become the premiere food supplier in the world.

1. They Partnered With McDonald’s

OSI Industries partnered with McDonald’s when Ray Kroc opened his first franchise of the fast food chain, and they had an agreement on fresh foods for his restaurants. They were able to parlay that excellence into more opportunities around the world. They have expanded their distribution network, and they now ship to each customer from what is the closest distribution center.

2. Their Commitment To Local Freshness

OSI Industries has a commitment to local freshness that they can send out to each of their clients. They are buying and growing locally. They are shipping to clients from the nearest distribution center, and their drivers offer the best customer service when the food arrives.

3. Reasonable Prices

OSI has always been committed to offering best prices to their clients. They want everyone to prosper with the foods that they sell, and they prefer to give their clients a low price that is helpful to their bottom line. OSI knows that they have an expansive business that should pass on savings to clients. They are pushing very hard to give their clients lower prices every year as other services rise in cost.

4. Expansion

OSI has expanded to many wonderful places around North America that get them closer to clients who need them. They have an international operation that is helpful to many clients they have found in countries that need them most. They are speeding up the progress of the food service industry be delivering fresher ingredients to more people.

5. Conclusion

The OSI legacy is that they have become so much better after partnering with McDonald’s. The company is so good at food service delivery that they are the preferred partner of many large chains.