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Forex trading is the exchange of different currencies and given the current economic turmoil being experienced all over this can add to your income. Greg Secker, a leading forex trader, gives insight on how and when to trade in forex. Greg says the best time to trade forex is, now given the stagnant wage growth, inflation rise, and the unstable economy. Greg advises that trading forex doesn’t require formulas, but they are software’s that help you trade.

According to Greg before setting out on a forex trading journey ensure you grasp the core and have a mentor to emulate. With every new journey, it’s important to understand what you are getting into, and that becomes easier if you have someone to emulate. Choose the forex indicators to follow and stick to the one you are conversant with well. Finally, just like anything else if you want to succeed you must define your goal and follow through with it. According to Greg forex is easy to start, most trading platforms offer demo for practice, you can do it anywhere and the ability to make a profit regardless of the market stability.

Greg Secker born in 1975 in England is one most known forex traders, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and a renowned public speaker. He graduated from Nottingham with a bachelor’s degree in science. Greg began his career at Thomas Cook financial services as a trading technologist. He later moved to Mellon Financial Corporation where he became the vice president, from where he retired to start his forex business. He began the Knowledge to Action group, an entity that encompasses his other trading companies like learn to trade, Greg Secker foundation capital index and smart chart software. Through his company learn to trade over 200,00 people have learned how to trade forex.

Greg has also developed several forex trading platforms. His companies had received several awards like the in the excellence award in 2009 when the corporation took up the finalist award, learn to trade has been awarded the best in educator in 2012 and 2013, and 2015 Learn to trade received best forex trader training in the Uk. Greg is making the world a better place through Secker foundation a non-profit organization provides youth programs that enable youths to get a better education.