I have a very low income, and my income qualifies me for what they call a government phone. The only problem with government phones is that they can barely do anything. I wanted a cell phone that I could use to take pictures and go on the Internet, but my government phone plan would not allow me to do so. I knew I couldn’t really afford a regular cell phone plan, but I couldn’t help but to want one anyways. I checked around, and someone told me about FreedomPop services, and the fact that they have free cell phone service.

Before I stopped working, I had a really nice cell phone, and it did everything that I wanted it to do. The cell phone had a great camera, fast Internet, and it was a touchscreen phone. I was told that I could unlock that phone, and I could hook it up to FreedomPop. The best thing about the FreedomPop cell phone service is that I can get it free of charge, without having to pay any money each month. Similar to getting any other cell phone service, I would have guidelines for my usage, and I just had to stay within my usage limits.

I didn’t wait any longer to cancel my government phone, and I hooked up my old phone to FreedomPop. I couldn’t really believe that I was getting free cell phone service on the phone that I loved, but I decided I would wait out the first month. In the first month, I was able to use my cell phone, and take pictures of my grandkids, and I was even able to upload the pictures to social media. With FreedomPop’s cell phone service, I get Internet service, text messages, and I get a certain amount of minutes on the phone.

I’m getting all the services on my cell phone now that I wanted from my government phone, but I’m not paying anything for it. After the first month passed and I didn’t have to pay anything, I was so glad that I decided I was going to stick to FreedomPop, and I turned off my government phone. I have recommended FreedomPop to anyone that is looking for low-cost cell phone service.