April 7, 2016 · Girls's Memoir · (No comments)

In her Amazon released book, To Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey To Freedom, Yeonmi Parks recounts how she managed to flee her home country of North Korea successfully in March of 2007. Yeonmi claims that the conditions in North Korea were so terrible it forced them to plan an escape to better-living conditions. According to Yeonmi, she and her mother escaped in the middle of the night across the frozen Yalu River into China to freedom. She then traveled to South Korea for a better life and a new start. At the young age of thirteen, she claims that she was the victim of sexual assault as well as starvation and other horrendous conditions. Her father joined them, but he soon died of untreated cancer. She says on the Reason Tv interview that he could not have dreamed that there could be so much food in the world. North Korea has had a smear campaign and another book published to try to discredit her based on what they claim are discrepancies in her story. She has stated that she has changed some names to protect the privacy of parties that were involved, but she insist that her story and the account of past events is accurate. She only hid the alleged sexual abuse due to shame. Her story is viewed to be a threat to refugees however and is feared to have unfortunate consequences for some. Yeonmi Park is committed to shining the light on the tyranny and atrocities of North Korea and despite her doubter, she is standing firm on her story.