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About Lovaganza



Lovaganza Entertainment is a brand focused on global entertainment provision. It was founded by Jean-François Gagnon. The two are commonly referred to as the creative duo JF&G.



The company also supports non-profitable activities through their non-profitable organization, Lovaganza Foundation. The foundation will be officially opened in 2018 with an aim to support regional and global initiatives.



Much as Lovaganza is an entertainment brand, they are on a Humanitarian mission. Their mission is to unite nations across the world and to promote peace. By showcasing cultures of different communities, people get to understand and appreciate each other. Diversities in lifestyles, faith, race, and language, will no longer be a course for war and civil injustices.



Lovaganza’s Upcoming Activities.


Recording Of The Marvelous 12 Musical Soundtrack.


A significant activity lined up for LOVAGANZA is the recording of The Marvelous 12 Musical Soundtrack. This is 15 minutes animated Film Series presented in 12 episodes aired monthly. Marvelous 12 is inspired by the matinee serials of the year 1930s.



It will be recorded in London at Abbey Road Studios. This is the most recognized and honored facility for recording in the world. Abbey Road Studios has recorded famous stars such as Pink Floyd, the Beatles, U2, and Elton John as well as films such as The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Star Wars, Braveheart, and Raiders of the Lost Ark.



The series will be telling the backstory of the famous “The Lovaganza Convoy” films. It will be presented alongside other events during the Lovaganza traveling show. The Marvelous 12 will also be released to cinemas worldwide.


Lovaganza 2020 Celebrations.


Scheduled to begin on MAY 2020 through SEPTEMBER, Lovaganza will hold massive festivities. The theme of these celebrations will be “embarking on A BOHEMIAN ADVENTURE™ around the world.” They plan to tour Europe, America, Asia, Africa, the Middle-East, and Oceania.



The celebrations were originally scheduled for 2015. However, to incorporate advanced technology, it was rescheduled. Such technology includes the use of groundbreaking Immerscope screen that promises to give an amazing viewing experience.



The celebrations will showcase cultures from all the different parts of the earth with bedazzling entertainment. They will employ exhibitions, motion pictures, and immersive attractions over the entire period.



In addition to the recording of The Marvelous 12 soundtrack, filming has already commenced in the United States, France, and Spain. The rest of the world including Africa and India will resume shooting soon. This will be the show of the year.


The Traveling Show


This will be preceding the 2020 celebrations. Hitting the road on 2017, the traveling show will pave the way for the BOHEMIAN ADVENTURE show. The show will introduce glasses-free 3D immersive experience. Remember the Immerscope screen? Fans of Lovaganza will get to sample that as early as 2017.


Follow Your Sunshine


This is a mini-project under the Lovaganza convoy which is being filmed in different European locations. Follow Your Sunshine is created with an aim to inspire people to have faith and carry on through the darkest hours. It is filmed in Spain, Frigiliana, with a 1950s set.