March 3, 2016 · GoFundMe · (No comments)

According to former professional lacrosse player and environmental activist Jon Urbana, growing up at Villanova and living in the beautiful city of Denver, Colorado has helped him appreciate the natural beauty of nature. Growing up this foliage-filled state, he also understood the importance of preserving and protecting the environment.

Today, Jon Urbana still holds true to his beliefs. He runs a lacrosse camp in Colorado each summer (visit here) and is constantly inspired by the environmental awareness and enthusiasm shown by the teens that attend his camp. Because of this, Urbana has launched a campaign through the charity donation site, GoFundMe. He dedicated this campaign to Earth Force, and has set his goal of $1,750. All proceeds will go towards programs which educate young people about the importance of keeping the environment clean and cared for. These programs will also actively involve youth in activism and events which pertain to cleaning up the environment. By doing this, Earth Force will teach teens about why it is important to help preserve the environment for a clean and healthy future.

Urbana said to his Twitter followers that he was lucky to have grown up in the beautiful state of Colorado, where he is aware of nature’s beauty and the importance of preserving the planet’s health. He is moved and inspired by the environmentally aware youth at his lacrosse camp. To help further their ambitions and their mutual fondness for mother nature, he will rely partially on donations to help keep the three programming components throughout 52 cities going. Denver is just one city of the many throughout the United States and Canada that participates in his organization.

To learn more or make donations to Jon Urbana’s GoFundMe campaign, you can visit the following link at: