Success Academy, the largest charter school network in New York, won the 2017 Broad Prize. The award given for public charter schools comes with a $250,000 cash prize, and it is for “the contributions made by the network in providing highest quality education for students of color and from the low-income families.” The announcement came from the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools and the Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation on June 12, 2017. It should be noted that the Success Academy is currently offering an outstanding education to more than 14,000 students through its 41 high, middle, and elementary schools in New York City.



The school network founded by former city counselor Eva Moskowitz in 2006 became the destination of quality education for low-income children. The award for the school network is a recognition for the commitment and hard work of Moskowitz that envisioned the education as the empowerment of the classes. Currently, she leads the school network as its Chief Executive Officer and thinks for strategies to make it more quality-oriented. Eva Moskowitz says that the academic achievements of the Success Academy are due to the committed efforts of students, teachers, and parents.



While coming to the award, Broad Prize review committee noted that Eva Moskowitz’ charter schools could create a unique feeling regarding the education. In 2016, all of its middle and elementary schools listed on top 10 percent schools in the state for providing an excellent academic performance in science, English, and mathematics. Interestingly, the Hispanic and black students performed far better in the year comparing to the white students across the state. Also, on an average, its low-income students performed better than others in mathematics, English, and science, comparing to other students in the state.



Apart from making the school network one of the most successful, Eva Moskowitz is also active in improving the total quality of education in both public and the private sector. Recently, she sent her school syllabus and lessons to more than 15,000 school officials across the nation at free of cost. Moskowitz also planned to open $68 million Midtown condo, the network bought in 2016, to give training to educators. Eva Moskowitz confirmed that through the training programs she wanted to coach the teachers across the country on how to teach and what to teach. The executives of Success Academy took almost two years to develop the online version of the institute with lesson plans, reading lists, instructional videos, and more.



Eva Moskowitz confirmed that the digital platform is important in her mission to expand the school network to 100 schools by 2024. Recently, she tasted another victory in a state appeals court against New York City for imposing a pre-K contract in Success Academy network. The order also granted a settlement amount of $720,000 to the academy. Under Moskowitz’ supervision, the academy follows a “balanced literacy” adopted by the network that is based on content-richness and depth of what the kids learn and read. In all sense, Eva Moskowitz is making an innovation in the education sector with her charter school network.