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Rick Shinto, President and CEO of InnovaCare Health, knows the healthcare industry. He has worked in the field for over 20 Years, and was rewarded with the prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2012. A proven way to field success is to surround yourself with top talent , and Rick Shinto has accomplished this what the announcement in 2016 of the hiring of executives Penelope Kokkinides, Jonathan Meyers and Mike Sortino.


InnovaCare Health is an organization operating with Medicare and Medicaid Advantage which provides healthcare to over 200,000 clients in North America. The company and its leaders take pride in innovation using technology to cater to the individual needs of their clients. The company strives to take on a revolutionary approach in the management of health care.


Of the new hires Penelope Kokkinides is of particular interest. She too has over 20 years of health care experience. Her area of specialization isn’t government programs, as well as the managed care industry. Her professional history is impressive, serving in a suite of executive roles. She was Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for Centerlight HealthCare, responsible for the strategic direction and overall management of the managed care division. Check out



Penelope Kokkinides has particular experience in dealing with Medicare and Medicaid, which is right in line with the needs of InnovaCare Health. During her professional work developing clinical programs and managing healthcare operations and processes she displayed a particular skill for improving efficiency and overall organizational infrastructure for the systems she worked in.


Rick Shinto is not to be overlooked, himself. While he had humble beginnings as an internist and pulmonologist, he had a meteoric rise from then on. He spent time with MedPartners as the Vice President doing medical management. The next peg on his career ladder took him to Optimal Health Plan as a senior medical officer. Rick then went on to be CMO and operations manager for Pathways Management Company, followed by a stint in medical management at NAMM California. For more details visit



The upward trend in the professional life of Rick Shinto then took him to Aveta Inc., where he began in management but soon became CEO where he remained until the sale of the company in 2012. Since then he has been fulfilling his successful role as President and CEO of InnovaCare Health.



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Life Line Screening is a privately managed company dealing with prevention and wellness. It got established by Colin Scully and Timothy Phillips in 1993. It controls health-based screening services at the community level for Adults. Worldwide since it got created, it has conducted 8 million health screenings which include blood screenings, ultrasound scans, and electrocardiographs. The screens detect common diseases like peripheral arterial, atrial fibrillation and abdominal aortic aneurysm.

Health screenings help in preventing undetected health issues. Lifeline Screening offers the preventive screening for normal health conditions and precise screenings for risky illnesses. Available screening includes The Carotid Artery which is ultrasound scan, Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm for raptured arteries. No extra preparation gets required for Carotid Artery Screening. Arterial Fibrillation is an easy test to carry out since it involves identifying uneven heartbeats.

A few question concerning one’s medical history and whether or not one is ready for the health screenings gets asked before getting attended to with Lifeline company. The company supplies the needed instructions before the tests which include changing into the loose fitting which can be quickly taken off and eating behaviors during the period.
The company has over 80 ultrasound teams that offer local screening services in the community nationwide in the USA and United Kingdoms. They use private rooms in chosen centers to carry out the screenings. Patients receive instructions depending on the type of screening.

The usual screening takes slightly over an hour. The exact time depends on the type of body, disease level, number of tests and one’s anatomy. They evaluate new equipment to have the most advanced equipment. they use types of equipment that are standard in other hospitals.

The lifeline ultrasound technologists are experienced sonographers, highly skilled, medical technologists, who have accomplished programs in clinical rotations, medical and ultrasound. The company aims to recognize health problems and encourage the patients amicably. The company takes the privacy of the patients highly by creating screening rooms separate from waiting rooms.

The lifeline company offers to screen the physically unable. Their machines are efficient and show consistent results because of repair and maintenance practices.

The lifeline Screening offers different healthcare screenings focusing on disease detection and prevention. It allows one to enhances their health, future as well as learning more about its services. It provides non-invasive and painless screenings. Its blood screenings include simple procedures to get accurate results such as a simple finger stick and a few blood drops. Most of their screenings do not require much education to be perfect in the sector. The company hence provides remarkable services countrywide.

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Healthcare companies’ primary focus is providing preventative as well as appropriate medical procedures that are aimed at improving people’s health. This is done through surgery, administering medicine or by changing people’s lifestyles. Healthcare services are provided via healthcare system that consists of hospitals, insurance companies and physicians.
Several healthcare providers exist in the United States. They undertake their work with excellence and high levels of effectiveness. Additionally, the healthcare sector in the United States is one of the most developed in the entire world. That is why a good number of people visit the country to have specialized treatment especially for diseases such as cancer.
Success is not only registered in the treatment that the healthcare companies offer but also on how they take care of their workers especially doctors and nurses. They not only attract the best in the world but also train them to be the best in the medical field. The following are some of the leading healthcare companies in the world.
Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center is a healthcare company located in Los Angeles California. It has over 4,000 employees. The hospital dedicates each of its floors for a particular specialty with each having its own satellite Pharmacy.
Brigham and Women’ Hospital is found in Boston, Massachusetts. The healthcare is affiliated to the Harvard Medical School and is one of the highly regarded hospitals in the country. The hospital is acknowledged as a leader when it comes to equality in healthcare especially for the LGBT.
Cleveland Clinic in Ohio provides its employees access to many resources that include the Center for Online Medical Education and Training. It also provides a children academy that offers early childhood education.
Cerner, which is found in Kansas City, Missouri, is one of the biggest providers of electronic medical records. It has employed over 14,000 associates across the world and has received a number of accolades and awards due to its inclusion and diversity programs.
When it comes to revenue, United Health Group ranks as one of the biggest companies in the United States. It has been leading other healthcare companies in the Fortune Magazine’s category of the World’s Most Admired Companies for past 4 years.
In nonprofit health systems, Kaiser Permanente in Oakland, California ranks as one of the largest. It employs more than 190,000 qualified personnel. It also launched a healthy workforce program to help employees make conscious decisions regarding their own health.
Nobilis Health is a leading healthcare company. The Healthcare facility is a publicly traded health company. Nobilis Health owns and manages ambulatory centers in Houston, Dallas as well as Scottsdale and Arizona. Additionally, Nobilis Health owns an acute care center, urgent care clinic, and imaging centers in Houston. The company focuses on specific sets of procedures in its centers as conducted by local physicians.
Nobilis Health is a full service healthcare management and development company that uses direct to patient marketing structure. The company runs over 100 centers. The corporation focuses on offering superior health care at a low cost besides satisfying patient’s utility. The company is a leader in competencies such as surgical center development and management, partnerships and marketing.