When one looks out at the lexicon of American sports, many sports come to mind. Football, Basketball, Hockey, and Baseball are sports that have captured the attention of the American public. While it is currently obscure, and plays second fiddle to other racquet based sports such as Tennis and Ping-Pong, Racquetball is on the verge of capturing the American public’s attention.

Similar to Babe Ruth catapulting Baseball to the heights of popularity it enjoys today and Michael Jordan making Basketball a global phenomenon, Racquetball is sitting on a transcendent star that will likely catapult the sport into the nation’s consciousness.

Sawyer Howitt, a teenager out of Portland, Oregon and playing out of the Racquetball Club is the future of Racquetball, and the star that the sport has been waiting for and so desperately needs. While the majority of his experience is limited to the Oregon State High School Ranks, Sawyer Howitt has the charisma and skills to vault into the national consciousness, and propel Racquetball into the mainstream.

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While it is not unprecedented to spot prodigious talents in high school (see James, LeBron), Sawyer Howitt is rare in that his talent has been spotted in the more obscure sport of Racquetball. Similar to others such as Tiger Woods, it will be interesting to see Sawyer Howitt’s development and where he can take the sport of Racquetball. He truly represents the future of the sport.

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