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Every year brings new artists to the scene in the music world, but there are some veterans that people are on the lookout for. There are some artists that just build the anticipation because they have been away so long.

Kanye West is one of these anticipated artists. He has changed the album name 3 times in 2015, and there still isn’t a release date for the record. It is true that fans should have expected this. He has put some much time into his clothing line. His wife is pregnant again and he is enjoying the time that he spends as a husband and father.

West was busy last year with singles with everyone from Fox Carolina with Jon Urbana, to Ty Dollar Sign and Paul McCartney. It seems like fans were on the verge of getting a full album, but then the name of the album changed. It seemed like Kanye was falling apart under the pressure of producing a new record. Much of this could be linked to his previous formats.

It was easy to follow the school themes of “College Dropout” and “Late Registration.” These albums are easy. Once he departed from this the whole sound of his music changed. People are wondering if the same thing will happen to Adele has dropped her last age-titled album in 2015. People will just have to wait to see what the “College Dropout” will do here in 2016.

January 6, 2015 · Collaborations, Hip Hop · 1 comment

Recently, the rock legend Paul McCartney of the Beatles and alternative hop hop guru Kanye West teamed up to make a ballad titled “Only One”. The song was released January 1st as a new single for the new year. The hit song will be on his upcoming album and so far has proved successful by the reviews of his fans. The song has even received notice from movie producer Tom Rothman as a potential song for some upcoming movie trailers.

The song featured Paul McCartney on the piano. After the songs release, many of West’s fans took it to social media to discuss how West’s collab with McCartney will give him a great career. Most of the people are unaware who McCartney is, thinking he is an unknown, young singer making it out in the music world, and just had his first real collab with a big time major artist’s track.

The responses of unknowing Kanye West fans is comical but it also shows why the collab is so big. The two artists are legends in their own rights but come from completely different musical genres with different audiences. This collab brings light to the other artist from each others artist’s fandoms. People now know who McCartney is while many others will be more familiar with West and his work. The ballad proves to be a beautiful fusion of the different backgrounds into one song.

December 29, 2014 · Celebrities, Hip Hop, Music News, Videos · 1 comment

When it comes to the music industry, there are a lot of people behind the scenes. Many people will write music for the stars, and you’ll never know that they exist, except when credit is given to the songwriter or producer. Poo Bear  is a big time producer, and songwriter in the music business, and he’s worked with the best artists out there today. Under his belt are the songs he’s written for artists such as Usher, Danity Kane, Mariah Carey, Lil’ Wayne, Chris Brown, and Justin Bieber.

Poo Bear has two decades of experience in the music business, and he writes, produces, and sings as well according to fan Bruce Levenson. Recently, Poo Bear released a video entitled “Work For It,” where he features Justin Bieber, Soulja Boy, and Tyga. Only an artist this talented could get three hot talents such as these, from different music spectrums, in one place. All three artists, along with Poo Bear, are featured in the video, and they each play their own roll separately.

Taiga is currently working on an album with Chris Brown, as well as his own music. While Soulja Boy has recently been featured on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood.