According to a study conducted by Plymouth Rock Assurance, many residents hesitate when it comes to hurricane evacuation. For whatever reasons, many people tend to stay at their homes. The study showed that only 47 percent of the respondents say would leave and even then, it would depend on how bad the storm is. Inexplicably, a number of respondents said even after experiencing Hurricane Sandy, chances are 50-50 that they would leave if another hurricane hit New Jersey.

“Although we have strong New Jersey residents, we should remember the lessons of the past,” says Gerry Wilson, President of Plymouth Rock Assurance of New Jersey. Your home is considered a huge part of your identity, so it’s very hard to leave it — even if you are in grave danger. Some people also make their decision on how previous evacuations, or non evacuations went. If they stayed and rode out the storm, they will likely do the same thing regardless of the severity.

Plymouth Rock Assurance was founded by James Stone. He has a lengthy tenure in the insurance industry. The Harvard graduate started out as an economics lecturer, and then at the tender age of 28, he was appointed as Massachusetts insurance commissioner in 1975 — a position he held for four years. Stone founded Plymouth Rock Assurance in 1982 and has been the CEO since it opened.

Plymouth Rock has become a group. It now owns Bunker Hill Insurance Company, Plymouth Rock Assurance and Pilgrim Assurance Company. The entire group currently holds more than $1 billions in annual insurance premiums.

Although many insurance providers encourage people to leave when a hurricane is predicted, some still insist on waiting until the last minute. “Sometimes people let fear and anxiety get the best of them and they start making poor decisions,” says clinical psychologist Josh Klapow. “All we can do is stress the danger of staying,” says Sheriff Michael Mastronardy. “At the end of the day, it’s their choice,” says Mastronardy.