Rocketship Education is a non-profitable foundation that helps in reviving education systems within the less developed communities in California. This charitable programme took root in 2007 with the first schools being founded in San Jose, a small community in California. The organization came up with this programme to help young children achieve their academic goals. This is accomplished through the provision of excellent learning programmes for the youths in the many public schools in California.

The system has a unique way of offering their lessons.

Rocketship Education has employed a significant number of teachers who go from door to door as a way of getting into personal relationships with the students. This has helped in providing some freedom for the children hence making learning easy without any pressure or tension. The foundation also involves parents by nominating them for leadership roles within the schools. This has helped parents with close supervision for what goes on in the academic lives of their children.

A large number of teachers have enabled many students to sign up for learning just within their communities because they can never suffer from the shortage of teachers. The teachers, therefore, ensure that the students get engaged in learning even after school by giving them homework and small projects.

The schools have therefore come up with goals that must be attained within a specific period within their academic calendars. This has contributed significantly towards the maximum evaluation of performance among students and hence ensuring that these goals are met. The organization has also provided the schools with activities and awards that help in motivating the students towards improving and aiming higher when it comes to their performance.

Not only has the foundation impacted positively on the lives of the youths but also the people of California by offering different types of jobs within the schools. Those who have had the chance to apply for the vacancies available have benefited from these jobs. Rocketship Education has helped in improving the living standards for the people living in the societies by paying them good salaries that have assisted them in meeting their daily needs.