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Jason Hope is a famous futurist as well as an investor and entrepreneur. He has the heart to help people and has been involved in several philanthropic works. Hope attended the Arizona State University earning a degree in finance. Jason’s prediction about the future of technology is incredible winning him many positions in several companies. Recently he made a point to explain about the Internet of Things. The whole concept of the Internet of Things is about how devices are synced for easy and quick transmission of data. Most people find the idea great, but a few are still not sure why syncing devices is of use.

The Internet of Things is an efficient way to translate data to information on time. The information can be valuable when it comes to conserving energy and managing tasks. For example, having a lamp that can process the essence to shut off when no one is around is necessary for the conservation of energy. Daily tasks can be simplified because the devices can store the information required and present it as reminders. Having a device that reminds you of the monthly bills, helps manage your expenditure, and keeps tabs of the food you eat is an asset in life. Systems that regulate the house temperatures or lighting also use the same concept.

The Internet of Things is also essential for any business. For example in any food industry temperature variations have to be regulated to avoid any food spoilage. A device that can control the temperature properly is a vital thing to have in the enterprise. The food industry is a crucial sector in any economy in the whole world. Any shortage of food supplies can lead to crisis and turmoil. Such a system also makes shipment of food an easy process minimizing any spoilage. In business, it is impossible to keep track of every single product hence a system that can remind you of what the company is short of is an amazing thing. The concept of the Internet of Things excites Jason because a lot can be achieved when people get to know the necessity of system.

Jason Hope is well conversant with technology; he studies the patterns and gathers extensive knowledge. With the knowledge, Hope can predict about the technology of tomorrow. Knowing what the future holds regarding technology is necessary for any business. Companies can know what to invest in and what not to from the predictions. Companies who may want to invest in technology find Jason Hope’s advice a key to their success.

Jason Hope info: www.linkedin.com/in/jasonrhope

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Jason Hope is a famous entrepreneur, philanthropist, futurist and a successful investor. He is based in Scottsdale in Arizona. Jason Hope has passion love for technology which he gives back to the society.

Jason Hope has an excellent educational background. Jason received a bachelor’s degree in Finance from Arizona State University. He holds an MBA from School of Business ASU`s W.P Carey College. Immediately after his educational work, he came up with a mobile communication company.

Currently, Jason Hope focuses on philanthropic work, biotech and investing in start-ups. Hope is committed to giving back to the society. Jason Hope spends most of his time around Scottsdale mentoring and advising high school students. He has been developing programs for entrepreneurs so that they can live their dream.

Besides, his philanthropic and entrepreneurial initiatives, he has an interest in politics which relates to business in the state of Arizona and also nationally. Jason has earned the reputation for being skilled futurist. From his passion for technology, he uses his know-how to watch the pace of world`s technology.

He believes that Internet of Things power is instrumental to the modern society. Internet of Things means connected technology which allows several devices to sync and work with each other. Internet of things (IoT) is becoming viable, and most homes in the world will depend on IoT devices. IoT devices can even monitor, adjust lighting and room temperature by use of a sensor. He is a believer of the Internet of Things. Jason wrote about IoT at Tech.com. Hope terms the Internet of Things as the turning point of technology industry in the today’s` society. Jason Hope insights and advice about how helpful the technology is to the modern enterprizes.

Jason Hope pledged $ 500,000 to SENS Foundation. Hope`s donation focusses on supporting SENS Foundation, a non-profit foundation that develops, promote and ensure access to rejuvenated biotech that fights age-related diseases. Jason Hope strongly supports the local educational programs and also the organization that addresses the disease control, cure, and prevention. Jason has worked tirelessly with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s, Family Health Foundation, International Foundation for Education and Self Help, Arizona Science Center among other organizations.

Jason Hope Info: www.crunchbase.com/person/jason-hope#/entity

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