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One of the worlds most popular drinks may now be just a little healthier. Organo Gold is global company committed to giving clients balance and freedom though a variety of products. Not only are they making coffee healthier, they are using personal care products, body management and other beverages to improve the health of millions.

Organo Gold was founded by Bernardo T. Chua. Chua is from the Philippines and has worked in marketing for years. His company Organo Gold focuses on three groups of products: beverages, nutraceuticals and personal care products. Most of their products include the herb Ganoderma. This mushroom is believed to have amazing health benefits which include improving cholesterol, improving cardiovascular health and even preventing cancer. Organo has revolutionized the coffee industry by including this mushroom in it’s coffee’s. The world’s second most popular drink is now much healthier. Customers can also find ganoderma in several teas, lattes and hot chocolates produced by the company.

Beverages are not the only products that Organo specializes in. They produce a number of personal care products which include toothpaste and soaps. These products also include ganoderma. Their soaps help to cleanse the skin while providing several healthy elements such as grape seed oil. The company also has body management products which help customers to find balance and well-being.

Organo Gold is a globally successful company. Their products are sold in more than forty-five companies. The company remains committed to helping clients find health and wellness in their lives. With such an amazing track record Organo Gold appears destined for future success.

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Paul Mampilly, the Senior Editor at Banyan Hill Publishing, isn’t just an editor. Some would call him a good teacher, and more like a financial confidante. What makes him so great? There are several aspects of his life and career that make Paul Mampilly a trustworthy resource when it comes to finances.His education was obtained at Fordham University, where he acquired his MBA. It was in 1991 that became an assistant portfolio manager for Bankers Trust. This was good training for him early in his working career as he continued to learn various aspects of banking and investments.

Along the way, Paul Mampilly would also earn the favor of legal firms, hiring him for various positions where his training in finance would come in handy.Billion dollar corporations began to seek out about Paul Mampilly, offering him positions to managed hedge funds and manage high levels of assets well into the billions of dollars. It didn’t take long for him to succumb to the rushed pace and cutthroat environment on Wall Street. What he wanted most was to do what he loved while being able to spend more time with his family. His greatest joy? It’s all about helping the average individual learn more about how to manage money as well as how to invest it.

Paul Mampilly is more than a research analyst for an investment firm. His experience is vast, but at the core of his career and his true passion is to help others. He spent a lot of time working with the ultra rich, but he didn’t see the point of not sharing this knowledge with others who could potentially get the same results over a longer period of time.He could see that there was a need to help others find a better way to plan for their retirement, especially after an economic downturn in 2008. Getting families back on the map financially is what Mr. Mampilly is all about. It’s no surprise that he is so highly regarded for the investment advice he offers to his audience at Banyan Hill Publishing.

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Stock markets around the world have taken a beating recently for several reasons. One of the main reasons is China. The Chinese stock market experienced a major sell-off the first few days of the New Year, and that event created a dip in stock prices around the globe. Investors are worried about investing in the stock market this year. One of the countries that is experiencing the most uncertainty about stock prices is Brazil.

Brazil’s economic issues have been well publicized. The recession has the country in a tailspin, and inflation is eating away at the income of middle-class Brazilians. Brazil’s currency, the Real, lost more than 40 percent of its value in 2015, and it is still bouncing back and forth on the currency exchange. Brazil’s stock market fell to its lowest point since 2009 recently, and many investors are cashing in and licking their investment wounds.

But not all investors are leaving the Brazilian stock market. Seasoned investors like Igor Cornelsen, the retired banker, turned investment consultant is still active in the market. Cornelsen is one of those long-term investors. Igor’s strategy is to invest in proven growth stocks as well as other stocks that look promising. The growth stocks are his main focus, and the promising stocks are his small investment on, entertainment stocks, so to speak. Cornelsen has had an enormous amount of success following that strategy.

No one knows the Brazilian financial market better than Igor Cornelsen. Igor Cornelsen was very active in the Brazilian banking world for years. He managed some of the largest banks in the country before retiring in 2010. While he was active in the banking world, Cornelsen began to invest in the stock market. He invested small to start and gradually built an impressive portfolio.

When Cornelsen retired, he moved to South Florida and opened an investment firm. His company, Bainbridge Investments Inc., is very active in the Brazilian and U.S. stock markets. He helps other investors find the right stocks that produce consistent returns. That’s not an easy task these days, especially in Brazil. One of Brazil’s premier stocks, Petroleo Brasileiro SA, fell to its lowest point since 2003 recently. The commodity stocks that make up a large portion of Brazil’s Ibovespa have been impacted by falling raw material prices and the loss of exports to China.

Igor Cornelsen likes to tell his investment partners to stay the course in the stock market. There are still opportunities even though the market is unstable at the moment. Economists say stock prices will remain low, and Igor Cornelsen thinks it’s time to invest not cash out. Stock traders have pushed the value of stocks down. There are opportunities to buy stocks now that will rebound this year, according to Igor.