Nick Jonas is going on tour and he plans to headline. The tour with Iggy Azalea isn’t going to happen so Nick decided to make something happen on his own. Now people get the chance to see a grown up Jonas brother hit the road and tour on his own.

Every time that one looks out at Nick Jonas they cannot help but to link him to his brothers. The band, after all, was called the Jonas Brothers. He carries the name. The debut album that he had contained explicit lyrics. It also had a lot of sexy songs like the one that he just released. This is for the new fans of Nick Jonas. He wanted to separate himself from the old younger version of himself that was part of the band.

The reality is that he cannot really do this though. He is headlining on a tour, and he only has one solo album. He cannot help but to break out some old songs from the time that he toured with the Jonas Brothers. If he doesn’t his concert will be super short. The team behind and the investors at Madison Street Capital think what he will probably be able to do is strip some songs down and change the arrangement.