June 19, 2015 · Lauryn Hill · (No comments)

It is still sad that fans don’t have the Lauryn Hill that created the groundbreaking “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” CD. This was beautifully crafted music, but this would be the end of this type of sound from Hill. Currently she is out of prison (tax evasion), and back with a tribute to Nina Simone.

There is a tribute album for Simone that features lots of people. Strangely, Usher made this tribute album. Lauryn Hill, by contrast, seems like a natural. Her voice sounds so strong that Hill could have easily made a tribute album by herself for Simone. Brad Reifler recalled that there is not an opportunity to hear from Lauryn much so Twitter is really buzzing about this track.

Lauryn rebelled against the music industry so much. It is really hard for fans to support much of anything that she does. She was righteous, but then she became self-righteous and alienated just about everyone that aspired to be like her. It would only be a matter of time because her world would get darker. She went to prison for evading taxes on the large sums of money that she made. There were interviews that trace all the bad blood between Lauryn and Wyclef as well. Everything became so entangled that it would be difficult for Hill to resurface. Even today she doesn’t have a true fan base anymore. Her music is too cryptic to be relevant.