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For most people getting an Amex Black Card means they have arrived. Not willing to wait Billy McFarland took a short cut and created his own black card. The Magnises card is made of metal and black, but that is where the resemblance to the Amex Black card ends. The Magnises card will cost you a mere $250 a year and will give you no line of credit. What it will give you is an amazing number of perks all designed to make the lives of its members more exciting. The application to get the Magnises card is as much concerned with your favorite restaurant as your income.

After briefly attending Bucknell University the 23-year-old entrepreneur realized that millennials like himself were more interested in perks than prestige or credit limits. You can connect your new Magnises card to an existing line of credit from a bank or other card but it is the perks that attract most Magnsise members.

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An invite-only black card for millennials

The exclusive card, only available for New Yorkers at present, offers a mobile app for a 24-hour concierge service that can get you picked up by a driver in a BMW 7L. The concierge service will arrange for concert tickets or get you weekend reservations at one of the many chic restaurants. Your reservation will include complimentary dishes and free champagne. It can also set you up with a private trainer in one of the many big gyms like David Barton.

The Magnises card is more about enhancing your life experience. The founders want to help young professionals network and connect in a way that is uniquely there’s. The members only events are designed to bring people together in a new way. They purchased a house in the West Village on Greenwich Ave. and converted it into a clubhouse for members only. Members can enjoy the contemporary art while lounging on leather couches while having a drink with friends or business associates. You can watch television or visit with friends.

Billy McFarland is not new to the world of business. His first startup, created when he was 13-years-old, was a service that matched websites with web designers. At 22, he started Spling, a content sharing service. Now at 23 he continues to do what he does best, bringing people together. The Magnises card, and all its trendy perks, will soon be offered in Chicago. As its success grows it will soon take the whole country by storm. Trendy Millennials will be enjoying the many perks membership offers world wide.

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