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Fueled by beauty, inspirational voices, and talent, the flames burn high at Brown Modeling Agency in Austin, Texas. The agency works persistently to represent the best of the best. They work closely with models and actors for various types of work, such as TV, film, runway, commercials to name a few. All of Brown’s clientele and their glowing portfolios can be found at Brown’s Modeling Agency website here.

After launching in 2010, Brown Agency has gained a lot of success and support for their clientele. Unlike other agencies, Brown’s Modeling Agency holds open auditions every Thursday between 3pm-4pm, and they offer a wide variety of affordable classes in acting, modeling, and beauty. With honest feedback from the agent himself, Justin Brown spends quality one-on-one time with each potential client. Once applicants are placed on the agency’s list, the agency works by their side with many of the top brands around the world. Many of the clients are able to make amazing progress in their careers, thanks to Brown’s Modeling Agency.

As a bonus, Brown’s Modeling Agency also offers career advancement in plus size modeling. Although plus size is increasing in popularity, many agencies won’t sign with them due to weight. Brown’s Agency doesn’t discriminate against any applicants, regardless of weight, height, race, ethnicity, age, religion, gender, political stance, and sexual orientation. They are committed to working side by side with their clients in assisting them to further their career.

As well as personal training in the art of acting and modeling, they will encourage you to move forward every step of the way. They show the utmost respect and support for their clientele. All they want is for you to succeed. They won’t bring you luck;they help you create your own through means of affordable training, open-mindedness, and hands on experience in the field of talent. Their blog offers tips and suggestions for those who reach for the stars. Most of their clientele have gone on to do great things in television and runway work. Brown’s Agency holds true to their word, as the success of their talented clientele is of the utmost importance to them.

According to MarketWired, their website has much more important information, and you can follow them on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube to keep up with those they’ve represented. If you have questions, concerns, or comments, you can contact the agency through their blog here.

If you would like to inform them of your intended visit and audition, their website has an optional form for you to fill out, including what you should bring along. It is not required to attend, but it definitely makes things convenient, and much easier for both you and the agency.

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