March 8, 2016 · Moving to NYC · (No comments)

The creator of RE/MAX is looking at New York City. Dave Liniger has taken RE/MAX and turned it into a worldwide business. A recent announcement of the company is the return of the Master Franchise for New York with the goal of bringing power to local brokerages. It will then make a huge expansion throughout the state. This is one part of a nationwide plan which involves the company taking back 16 regional offices. A new specialist team will be lead by Terri Bohannon, a long time worker in the company. They have admitted that the residential Manhattan scene is rather hard to break into for suburban companies.

New York is more suited to companies like Town Residential. Town Residential is one company that has mastered renting and selling real estate in New York. Town Residential is really good at selling luxury real estate. Among the activities that the real estate agency participates in is leasing, and sales. They deal with both residential and commercial real estate. This makes it possible for people that are looking for a place to live to find the greatest value that they can afford. They could also invest in pieces of property in order to start a business.

Town Residential is also considered one of the best places to work. One good thing about that is if employees enjoy their work, then they are most likely to provide great service to their clients. They also offer different types of relocation services for their clients in the case they need help.

Town Residential sets the example for other real estate companies to follow including RE/MAX. Dave Liniger has a huge task at hand when it comes to bringing success to his company in a city like New York. Many large real estate companies find it very difficult to get a piece of the action in New York.