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Nick Young and Iggy Azalea are engaged, and they are getting married soon. Nick proposed to Iggy on his birthday, and the two are more than excited about their upcoming nuptials. Nick Young & Iggy Azalea. You would think that if a man asked his lady to marry him, he would know everything about her right? It turns out that Nick Young doesn’t know much about his girlfriend’s music. Iggy is a hot rapper right now, and she is getting a lot of press about her music.

According to TED X, Iggy has some hit songs, especially the song “Fancy,” which was one of the biggest hits of the year. Different lyrics were given to Nick, and when it came to Iggy’s lyrics, he had no idea that it was his girlfriend who laid down those lyrics. Not saying that he should know every single song that his girlfriend does, but you would think that he would know a bit more than he actually does. Love definitely can cross oceans and mountains, but can it survive a man that doesn’t even know the lyrics that his girlfriend spits on the microphone?

More than likely this will not end their relationship because if the racist comments, the teasing about her music, and the comments about her body didn’t break them up, it’s unlikely that this will. What Nick needs to do is brush up on his skills, and learn a bit more about his wife to be.

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Who would have thought that a small trinket from a concert could actually save lives? In this case, it really happened. Three teenage girls recently went to see a Taylor Swift concert together in Baton Rouge. Sisters Caroline and Elizabeth Dazzio, as well as their friend Emma drove home together after the show was over. Unfortunately, Elizabeth, who was driving the vehicle, fell asleep on the interstate. Their car veered off of the dark road and hit a pole. Elizabeth was left unconscious and the other two girls were trapped in their seats. They knew that the roads were dark and it would be unlikely that anyone would be able to spot them. That is, until they remembered the bracelets they received at the Taylor Swift concert.

The bracelets were designed to light up, flash, and change colors when touched. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital thought they had a great touch to them. The two teens held their wrists to the window and flashed the bracelets until an observant passer-by noticed the odd lights coming from the side of the road according to reports on Bloomberg. According to the story on Gossip Cop, the woman and her male friend pulled over and helped the teens from the totaled car. All three girls are expected to make a full recovery.

When Taylor Swift heard about the story, she Tweeted the article out and said that she was so happy to hear that the bracelets saved their lives and that they were going to be okay.

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More than a decade ago P.Diddy released an entire CD of remixes. He called this, “We Invented the Remix.” The “we” that he was referencing was the Bad Boy entertainment roster that he created. This was a little far-fetched as far as some fans were concerned, but when one thinks about it he may have a true right to claim this. If that is true, Trey Songz is following in his footsteps as the creator of the sexy remixes.

Trey Songz recently created a remix for the song from The Weeknd called “Earned It,” and fans of Trey could not be happier. He is getting a lot of buzz going to create some hype for his Trigga Reloaded CD that drops in June. This is the best way to do so. When you know about a track that is already hot it makes sense to just hop on board and ride the way. The Weeknd doesn’t really mind because this exposes him to a wider fan base. It really becomes a win-win for everyone involved. Even the movie soundtrack (Fifty Shades of Grey) will get more attention. This, coincidentally, will drive more people to see the movie.

Trey Songz has continued to pick up where R. Kelly left off, and that makes Sergio Cortes happy. While R. Kelly is getting too old to do this type of sex-laced music, Trey Songz is right there in his prime, ready to entice. Those on LinkedIn will be tuning in.

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Back in 2004 Skynyrd performed with Montgomery Gentry for Crossroads, making this their encore performance. The thought crossing everyone’s minds is if Lynyrd Skynyrd will perform the same hits they sang with the rocking country band back in 2004. Just the pairing up alone of Skynyrd and Brantley Gilbert is enough to put fans on the edge of their seat. Fans like Sam Tabar know that both bands have their own unique style of mixing country music with rock which leaves everyone wondering what kind of performance is going to be given. Although Skynyrd is now missing band member Billy Powell who was the main man behind free bird, the band still his holding on strong and preparing themselves for a jaw-dropping performance. For more information on the performance and air date click here. The concert set for June 5th in Franklin, Tennessee will not be aired on CMT until June 27th at 10:00 P.M./ET.

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Demi Lovato is one of the greatest singers of the last decade. She has created several hit songs earlier in her career. Demi Lovato’s most successful song is called “Heart Attack,” and it was the most downloaded song on her album. Demi has inspired many people with her music. She has so many fans that she regularly gets asked for her autograph in many awkward situations. Recently, Demi Lovato went to the gynecologist. During her routine checkup at the gynecologist, the doctor asked her for an autograph for her daughter. Demi Lovato says that she told the doctor that she’s got to be kidding. Demi recently told E! that she can’t even get a wax done without someone asking her for her autograph.

Demi Lovato believes that her vagina is famous, because it seems like everyone asks her for her autograph during weird situations. However, many fans say that they love her, and they would ask her for her autograph in any situation. Demi says that it can get so annoying, and from now on, she will only sign autographs when she is wearing clothes, which is funny to Daniel Amen. It seems that Demi Lovato cannot handle the pressures of being famous anymore. For more information on this story, visit E!

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Kylie Jenner has had a rough time this week, not only is she apparently at odds with her mother, dealing with her father going public about his journey towards womanhood but she is also dealing with a public battle with Tyga’s ex Blac Chyna. The feud got ugly just days ago when Chyna posted screenshots of Tyga texting her asking to get back together and start their family over.

Of course seeing Tyga beg his ex to take him back could not have been fun for Kylie and rumor has it that she has decided to give him the boot after being humiliated on Instagram. Bruce Karatz isn’t sure what to believe after reading things on About.me.
Clearly Kylie needed some chill time to brighten her mood, and who better to lift her spirits than her big sister Khloe? Kylie posted a video to her Instagram of her getting a piggy back ride from French Montana, as her sister Khloe recorded making jokes about her big butt. The video is funny, but everyone knows Kylie is probably just showing Tyga that she can have a great time without him. Also why is French back in the picture? Can Khloe just kick him to the curb already?

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There are some big star collaborations that you expect to see. Chris Brown has worked with a lot of people. Fans have been waiting to hear him with Beyonce. Fans don’t have to wait any longer. There is a remix of jealous that pairs the two stars together.

Chris Brown, much like Beyonce, is a work horse. He appears on remixes and collaborates with artists like Tyga, Nicki Minaj and Omarion this year. All of this has given him a growing fan base. He got in trouble with the law, but he never seemed to stop working. That is just what Brown has been known for in the last several years.
Beyonce has been rather quiet since releasing her surprise album, which those on Facebook can understand. She released some remixes from the album, but somehow the Chris Brown remix failed to appear on the reissue of the album, and Sergio Cortes didn’t know why. Now it has been leaked. The world of Beyonce and Chris Brown have been rejoicing about this “Jealous” remix. It dates back to more than 2 years ago, but fans were still pleased to hear these 2 harmonize together. It has certainly become a track that has been downloaded a lot since it was released.

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Stars ranging in styles from ZZ Top to Cee Lo Green gathered at Carnegie Hall to honor the music and influence of David Byrne, leader of the Talking Heads and innovator of music since 1975. A pregnant Amanda Palmer read the lyrics to Once In A Lifetime in an art-pop spoken word performance complete with dancers and catchy style.

Brooklyn native soul singer, Sharon Jones, performed a hauntingly beautiful version of Psycho Killer. According to a web article she turned the song into her own song, bending notes and doing things with her voice that sent chills up your spine. The concert moved the audience to dance and sing throughout the evening.

The energy level was high for this 2+ hour event. David Byrne performed with the 21-piece Brooklyn United Marching Band to close out the show, followed by the band’s rendition of Bruno Mars’ hit Uptown Funk.

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The good news is that he is extending his tour and even added North American tour dates for this upcoming summer! Sam Smith wants to please all his fans so if you have not had a chance to catch him live yet, don’t worry because the tour is not over yet! The four time Grammy winner this year made this great announcement on Twitter with a list of the dates, the venues, and the towns that he will be playing in along with his title, the 57th Grammy Award Winner and the specific Grammy’s that he won. Check it out below to see if Sam Smith will be playing near you!

Sam Smith Tour DatesJuly 18 – Charlotte, North Carolina
July 20 – Miami, Florida
July 21 – Tampa, Florida
July 23 – Raleigh, North Carolina
July 24 – Columbia, Maryland
July 27 – Cleveland, Ohio
July 29 – Columbus, Ohio
July 30 – St. Louis, Missouri
August 4 – Morrison, Colorado
August 5 – West Valley City, Utah
August 8 – Quincy, Washington
August 11 – San Diego, California
August 12 – Glendale, Arizona
August 14 – Houston, Texas
August 15 – Austin, Texas
August 17 – Dallas, Texas

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Whitney Houston’s shocking death occurred in February of 2012 and three short years later, her daughter is struggling for her own life. Bobbi Kristina Brown was found unconscious in her bathtub just days prior to the anniversary of Houston’s death. Sources say that Kristina was not using drugs or alcohol and did not attempt to commit suicide.

Reports that Brown and her boyfriend were having serious difficulties just days before she was found in the bathtub surfaced a short time after media outlets were notified. Brown’s father asked that the public give the matter privacy; however, that seems to have only added to the insatiable hunger for information from the media. Bobbi Kristina is not expected to wake up from her coma.

Similar incidents have happened as in the case of Dana Plato who never seemed to get over the death of her mother. Her son, Tyler, also committed suicide on the anniversary date of his mother’s death and just days before Mother’s Day. The folks at Slow Ventures see this as an epidemic that might need more attention and intervention from family and from the professional world. Find Slow Ventures on Seedtable.com. There might be a way to stop another such incident in the future.