One of the last associations that you might make with the rapper and businessman Jay Z is his ability to cultivate and elevate talent. It is probably likely that for many people the Brooklyn emcee and mogul’s name conjures images of his popular Big Pimpin’ music video where he parties on yachts with beautiful models or of this iconic phrase from a song of his that has now come to define his brand and the way that he is understood in the popular consciousness: ‘I’m not a businessman, I’m a businessman.” Jay Z is known for being a record label executive and a pioneer in the business of hip-hop fashion through the fashion label Roc-a-Wear that he ran with a business partner for many years. He is also known for being one half of what might be the music world’s most high profile power couple after his marriage to the uber-successful music phenomenon Beyonce Knowles-Carter.

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Through his business Roc Nation Jay Z helped these artists achieve the success that they enjoy today and now he is starting a new venture that will build upon the kind of work he and key business partners like Desiree Perez of streaming service Tidal did to put Roc Nation on the map when it comes to musical talent and managing athletic talent. According to,  Desiree Perez was involved in Jay Z’s sports management firm Roc Nation Sports.

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Jay Z’s company Roc Nation where Desiree has long put her business acumen to use helping to build Jay Z’s business empire, recently announced that they would be getting involved in the very popular world of startups. Roc Nation will be launching ARRIVE, an organization that seeks to be a core part of the infrastructure and ecosystem that startups depend on to be successful. All of the successes in music and sports that Jay Z and key leaders like Desiree Perez have worked to build will now be made available to new businesses that are seeking ARRIVE’s expertise in brand management and creating companies that have produced offerings that have resonated with consumers.  Know more about Desiree’s work, click

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