Once again, The Chainsmokers make the news after a recent interview with Alex Pall. After only two years, the DJ/Producer Duo has become one of the most successful in the world. Since the release of their top 10 song Roses in 2015, they have consistently proven to be the experts of the Pop EDM world. They have won 24 awards at several awards ceremonies, including a Grammy in 2017 for Best Dance Recording.

After not releasing anything new in the 8 months between the lyric video release of Young in June of 2017, The Chainsmokers have come back with a new sound that is darker and more of a reflection on society than ever before, with their new song Sick Boy. It’s lyrics about the effect of social media on their lives is chilling, but their openness about who they are is refreshing.

If you have never heard of The Chainsmokers, or haven’t closely followed them, they first broke into the limelight with the song Roses two years ago. A year later, they released Dont Let Me Down, which hit number 3 in the US. That same year, they released the #1 hit song Closer, showing the world that they are the hit-makers.

This has all culminated to their new album, which currently has no release date. But so far, the duo has released four songs from the album which have gotten over a quarter billion views together in less than 5 months. Sick Boy alone has gotten 175 million views, and speaks to the younger generation, who have become trapped in a social media run world. The song speaks truth about how narcissistic and negative we have become in our life hiding behind a screen, and is a refreshing breath of relief among songs that beg for more fame, or that complain about how hard it is to be rich and popular. The Chainsmokers have hit a balance between upbeat dance songs, and a close look at society, and plan to develop this sound further in their upcoming album.


The curtains are finally closing on the $150 million deal between Roc Nation and Live Nation. Once more, Roc Nation’s spokesperson, and Jay Z’s business partner, Desiree Perez comes to the rescue. Will she wave her magic wand and secure another business deal for Roc Nation?

Rumor has it that Live Nation will continue to partner with Roc Nation. Live Nation is an events company located in Beverly Hills, California. The events company focuses on global live concerts and the promotional entertainment business.

Word has it that Live Nation will continue to take part in Roc Nation’s Live tours. Unfortunately, Live Nation will not continue investing in Roc Nation’s music label. This is because Live Nation is nolonger interested in recorded music.   Check pagesix.com for more article.

So, it is safe to say that Roc Nation is going through a rough season business-wise. Still, Desire Perez never lacks a trick up her sleeve. While the door is closing on Live Nation, rumor has it she is working on a new deal with Universal Music Group.

Universal Music Group has shown interest in Roc Nation’s distribution deals. This is good news to Ms. Perez as the new funding will help Roc Nation discover and develop new artists. In addition, some funds from the business deal steered towards keeping Tidal afloat. Tidal is an online music streaming service owned by Roc Nation. The music streaming service is competing with rivals like Spotify and Apple Music. Refer to igstars.com for related reading.

As it stands, none of these deals have fully materialized. Nevertheless, Roc Nation has always had faith on Desiree’s business skills. She might have what it takes to land the plane home.

About Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez is Jay Z’s business associate and the strong negotiation voice of Roc Nation. Ms. Perez has always proven her skill in landing lucrative business deals for her clients. She is the brains behind Rihanna’s successful music tours and endorsement deals with various brands.  Click on prettymanprettyman.com for additional article.

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